Welcome! I’m Julian, a Certified Nutrition & Sleep Science Coach, and a Consultant on Health and Fitness.

I work with both companies and successful-but-overwhelmed entrepreneurs, business leaders, & high achievers to create the body of their dreams while succeeding at work. Together, we create effective systems, mindsets, & routines which leads to them maximizing their performance and impact in this world.

about me

Right now, I’m sure you’re feeling confused, frustrated, and exhausted. If I’m so smart and successful with my business and work, then why can’t I build my ideal body and reach the next level?”

I get it — this is why I’m here to help.

With me, you will have your very own health & fitness architect to stand by your side & help you construct your dream body so you can dominate in life and business.

Your health is an investment, not an expense.

Unfortunately, the narrative above is often times flipped the other way around.

To get everything done, many busy entrepreneurs, executives, high-performers, and business leaders end up sacrificing their health for the growth of their business and career success. Working at a breakneck pace without proper attention to their well-being begins to take a toll on their bodies.

Weight gain. Lethargy. Poor sleep. Foggy cognition. Irritability. Not loving what you see in the mirror despite the career success and other external things. 

You know you should be eating better instead of opting for convenience and junk food. You know exercise is important. You know sleep is important. You know family and relationships are important.

But you struggle to find the time, consistency, motivation, strategy, and energy to do it. Running a business, making an impact, creating a movement, maintaining enriching relationships, and leading others while maintaining optimal health is tough.

With that said, following the typical model of hustle at all cost and placing health as second-fiddle is working backward.

Think about it:

Eventually, you may have all the resources in the world, but a decreased quality of life to enjoy it.

And this is why the Art of Fitness & Life exists.

What’s the Art of Fitness & Life

The mission is simple: to help busy & successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and high achievers who are overwhelmed treat their health like an investment, not an expense, so they can create the body of their dreams while dominating in life and business.

I want each individual who is achieving great things at work but feels ordinary naked to no longer feel this way. Instead, I want you to dominate at work and feel & look great naked.

No more of merely existing in “survivor mode” and “just getting by”. You can and deserve to exist in a high-performing body & mind while living a rich life (however that look & feels to you).

With individuals, mastering your health & fitness leads to growth and expansion as a partner, parent, leader, entrepreneur, executive, athlete, and artist—thus leading to creating a stronger impact in the world.

With companies, letting fitness become their impetus for growth and expansion leads to them improving their workplace culture, emotional intelligence, performance, and mental well-being—thus leading to creating a greater impact on their industry and in the world.

I understand that many unique situations exist as an entrepreneur and high performer, but these 3 key challenges are ones felt by the majority:

  • Struggling with creating the time to exercise & eat healthy along with staying consistent
  • Not giving enough attention to stress management, boundaries, and your own psychology
  • Knowing that sleep is important, but yet sacrificing it for more “hustling, grinding, & working”

To solve these frustrations, I created a plethora of programs & systems that create:

  • Easily applicable systems for healthy eating & building your dream body
  • Simple strategies that leave you motivated, recharged, & ready to dominate
  • An ROI that ensures you double your energy while feeling cognitively sharp & ready to tackle any situation

And on an organizational level, I help companies & teams create:

  • Easily applicable systems for stress management and improving mental well-being
  • Simple strategies that leave their company motivated & recharged to create a greater impact
  • An ROI that ensures healthier & higher performing employees—thus improving their bottom line

What’s my origin story?

I’m Julian Hayes II, Founder & CEO of The Art of Fitness & Life.

However, at the start, I was shy, nerdy, quiet, anxious, and literally scared of people…and I don’t even want to mention how I was when it came to women.

Tired of this and feeling like a change was needed, I turned to superheroes as a way to get me in the weight room along with becoming a science nerd.

While a commitment to health & fitness transformed my 165-pound frame as a college freshman, it more importantly, provided me with some much-needed confidence and belief that I could create anything I wanted out of life.

where it all started
More than a physical transformation, fitness equipped me with a new mentality that gave me the belief that I could impact the world.

Moving on, over 10 years ago, my fascination with the human body, nutrition, sleep, and psychology started. This led me to medical school while also obtaining a Masters in Biological & Physical Sciences in addition to my other studies. Realizing I had a deeper calling, I left the pursuit of medicine behind after one year and started the AFL.

I’m now a health & fitness consultant, a certified nutrition & sleep science coach, and the author of the book ‘Body Architect: A Real-World Guide to Ignite Your Fitness, Look Awesome Naked, Quiet the Inner Voices of Self-Doubt, & Design a Lifestyle on Your Own Terms’.

I also have a weekly column for Inc Magazine. In addition to that, I’m a frequent contributor to Bodybuilding.com, Success, Entrepreneur, The Good Men Project, MindBodyGreen, The Huff Post, and have been featured over on Fox News, Business Insider, & The Chicago Tribune on occasion along with contributing columns locally to The Nashville Business Journal and occasionally appearing on television.

Daytime television show discussing my book ‘Body Architect’

However, it wasn’t all kittens and sunshine for me when it comes to juggling fitness with business and a personal life. Maintaining excellent fitness and habits at 23 with few-to-no responsibilities on most days is one thing. But, years later and in the process of making my difference in the world through writing, speaking, and coaching others—the degree of difficulty has risen.

In fact, I highly struggled with the transition of running a business while maintaining optimal health initially. I gained weight, experienced mild depression, existed with terrible sleep, operated with a foggy brain, and had poor energy levels which lead to an over-reliance on caffeine all-in-the name of growing and creating.

Little did I know that I was only showing up to the world with half of my potential.

My “aha” moment came after realizing that I was a shell of myself and that my health is truly an investment, not an expense. Sacrificing my health for the growth of my business and pursuit of career success is working backward. Supreme domination in life and business starts with mastery of fitness.

I would potentially have all the resources in the world, but a decreased quality of life to enjoy it. Not to mention, I wouldn’t have optimal health so I wouldn’t be as effective in making my impact in the world with a decreased quality of health.

And this is what led to my mission of helping busy entrepreneurs, business leaders, and high performers who do superhero worthy things at work but feel ordinary naked transform that feeling.

I believe you can feel like a superhero at work and outside of it.

black panther

Told you I was a nerd 😉

My personal goal is to help and inspire one million people over the next decade. Helping and inspiring others to treat their health as an investment and ultimately create their dream body means that there will be more people out there with extra energy, confidence, and vitality to use their unique superpower—and thus impact the world in a more effective way.

Using inspirations from art, creativity, philosophy, superheroes, music, relationships, and psychology—I will create a world-class ecosystem that inspires you into taking action toward your health and ideal life.

I’ll cross-pollinate ideas from a wealth of disciplines, combine and recombine them into pieces that seamlessly mesh with various aspects of health. This will help you to understand how health and fitness are the centerpieces for many endeavors in our life along with it being helpful to achieving success in other areas of life.

Besides writing, I provide 1-on-1 nutritional & health coaching tailored uniquely to the high performing individual who wants to finally build that dream body while thriving in business and life.

On an organizational level, I provide consulting through on-site training over a myriad of wellness topics, on-site coaching, wellness program creation, and licensing courses aimed at creating healthier and more productive company cultures.

I combine all of my academic experiences with my real-world experiences of working with men & women from all walks of life to bring a unique, dynamic, and effective perspective that moves beyond the typical health & wellness model.

The Art of Fitness & Life Standard of Performance

In the book ‘The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership, legendary and hall of fame coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Bill Walsh describes the standard of performance as “A way of doing things, a leadership philosophy, that has as much to do with core values, principles, and ideals as with blocking, tackling, and passing; more to do with the mental than with the physical.”

With that said, here are some mental codes that serve me each day and will serve you as well on your pursuit of excellence in fitness & life.

  • “Obstacles and problems are nothing more than situations & opportunities for growth”
  • “I swiftly move forward even when scared”
  • “I have no time for negative & toxic people”
  • “The world needs me at my best”
  • “I’m going to win because I’m willing to endure & persist while others quit”
  • “I have supreme loyalty to myself & my goals which allows me to show up as my highest self”
  • “Big goals are good because they make me evolve faster & become more creative”
  • “Pressure is my best friend”
  • “Failure only happens when I give up & decide it’s a failure”
  • “I always follow through”
  • “My word is everything”
  • “Nothing can hold me back but myself”
  • “All things contribute to my advancement”
  • “There is no competition”
  • “I create my life”
  • “I can’t lose”
  • “I’m ruthlessly committed to the process”
  • “I’m rigid with my vision but flexible on my details to achieve that vision”
  • “I have a growth mindset & can learn anything”
  • “I love myself, therefore I place a premium on my health”

Also, here’s a free high-resolution poster with the 18 AFL code of conduct principles.

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