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 Mental + Spiritual + Emotional + Physical = 4 Pillars of Fitness (Optimizing Your Mind and Body for a World Class Lifestyle)

  • Mental

    Develop and maintain a strong and healthy mind that allows you to handle the various challenges thrown your way. Keeping your brain in an optimal state allows you to maximize your creativity, focus, and overall productivity.

  • Spiritual

    No woo-woo talk here. Developing this crucial skill set allows you to maintain and be confident with your identity while helping guide you through your daily actions. These daily actions align with your specific vision to pave a path towards making your unique dent in the universe.

  • Emotional

    Developing this skill set helps you manage and excel at the various roller coasters and stressors of life, work, and relationships. Maintain your inner peace while staying intimately connected to your inner self while thriving in life and fitness.

  • Physical

    Think like an artisan and carefully craft and design the body that you desire with a focus on longevity. Crafting the body that you desire while supplying it with quality nutritional selections allows you to look good, but also feel good so you can have the energy to achieve your goals.

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Who am I?

My name is Julian and I’m the founder of The Art of Fitness & Life. I'm an author, fitness & lifestyle consultant, & speaker operating at the nexus of creativity, health, business, and everyday life. My company is fitness at its foundation, but draws its inspiration from art, psychology, philosophy, superheroes and business principles. The goal of The Art of Fitness & Life is to help ambitious, creative, nerdy, and remarkable men and women integrate their desired lifestyle into a sustainable fitness habit, without having to use tricks or lose their identity through the process. I believe an optimal lifestyle and living the good life consists of fitness keeping you young, music moving your soul, books feeding your brain, and creativity driving you every day.