4: What The Guru’s Forget to Mention About Nutrition: 4 Reasons Why You’re Inconsistent With Healthy Eating

Information alone isn't enough to succeed long-term with your nutrition. Each week, there's a new diet or trend that is the new “it thing.” However, in each instance the individual complies for a few weeks and then falls off the wagon again.

It's time for that to stop. No need to place your early focus on which diet to use or what macro distribution to use. The early focus needs to be on these 4 intangibles that the “guru's forget to mention or don't even know themselves.

In this episode, you're going…

  • To get to the root cause of why healthy eating is difficult
  • Learn 4 solutions to automating your healthy eating
  • What the movie Groundhog's Day can teach you about nutrition
  • And much more

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