Welcome to The Art of Fitness & Life

welcome to afl intro pic

The ‘age of remarkabiity’ has arrived!.

After months of processing my thoughts and searching for myself, the end result is finally here.

For those of you who were with me from the 206 days—thank you for sticking around. For the new people, welcome. Make yourselves at home—it’s going to be an interesting ride.

I hope that each and everyone of you find something of value and join me on this adventure of life and mastery of our fitness.

Now, let’s do a quick summary of what’s going to be happening here.

First, what’s the AFL?

We’re a remarkable community that wants to make our marks felt in this world while being at our healthiest state and looking great with or without clothes on.

Ambitious? Maybe.

But, being remarkable isn’t for anyone who has a limited mindset and doesn’t want to push beyond their preconceived limits.

What to expect from the site

I plan to share 1-3 forms of content weekly. Through art, creativity, music, philosophy, psychology, love, superheroes, history, and self-discovery—we’ll learn valuable lessons to apply to our fitness and daily lives.

A brief breakdown of common topics & styles include:

Fitness & nutrition (well obviously)– A practical viewpoint in which there’s a focus on habits, behaviors, mindset, & the influence it has on other aspects of your life.

Creativity, art, & music– We all have creativity within us. Once we unlock our creativity, life has a way of blossoming into something we never thought was possible.

Lifestyle– Juggling life, fitness, and all other daily agendas on your plate can be overwhelming. I know this first hand. I’ll be sharing my many mistakes and successes that have worked for me and might work for you.

Essays & stories– Personal triumphs, failures and the in-between often serve as our best lessons.

The remarkability series– My favorite one (though I might change the name). A series about members of the community who have taken ownership of their own lives while making fitness a priority and are making their dent in the universe—size & scope doesn’t matter (impact is key)

A key theme in all these topics is exploration and experimentation to find what works best for you, and never stop learning.

A brief synopsis of the community

This community consists of many different faces, varying races, different backgrounds, different hobbies, and different career aspirations.

Though we all may be different from one another, we all have the same purpose and goals for our lives. We realize that taking care of ourselves is the 1st step towards remarkability. An emotionally weak person with a broken body, broken soul and fragile mind doesn’t change the world nor lives a life on their terms.

We all strive to live remarkable lives which entails us to live truthfully, pursue our dreams and passions—no matter how difficult or what the naysayers might tell us, making our dent in the universe—no matter how big or small the impact feels, and lastly striving to be our healthiest selves—which will have different meanings depending on the individual.

From the writer to the cubicle worker, to the ‘lost millennial’ to the musician, to the painter to the photographer, to the business worker to the college graduate who hasn’t figured it out yet, to the person who currently feels down & out about themselves—there’s a spot here for you.

If you are ready to leave your comfort zone, focus on your habits, become aware of your behaviors, take responsibility for your actions, and give yourself permission to go for anything you want—there’s a spot here for you.

I welcome you (with a huge Internet hug) to The Art of Fitness & Life.