Work with me, and your life will transform.

In a world where most people are aiming for incremental improvements in their life, health, energy, relationships, and business—I play a much different game.

My aim is to provide you with the tools to transform your life, not merely to just add value to it. Simply put, I want you to become superhuman.

I want you to operate with unwavering focus, posses a swagger that makes you infectious to everyone around you, become an unmistakable leader, maximize your unique impact on the world, boost your performance in the boardroom (and bedroom), move through the day with energy-on-demand, be totally present with your family — in a nutshell: become the most enhanced version of yourself.

This is why I started my boutique precision performance & health optimization advisory firm.

My coaching philosophy

I want you to have everything in life. And to feel limitless.

With that said, everyone is different, which is why I work differently with everyone. I operate with a systems-based approach combined with bio-individuality.

I have no cookie-cutter template to hand out or style to follow. You’re going to have a precise and bespoke health optimization & performance roadmap that is unique and custom-tailored for you.

With each new client, we’ll start our N of 1 journey by unlocking your unique genetic code (i.e. your superhuman blueprint).

Why your genetic code is important and what it means

Think of your genetic code like the hardware of a computer. It’s the foundational operating system that is essential for the computer to run. Yet, the hardware doesn’t work without the software, or the informational inputs that tell it what to do and when to do it.

Your genetics are your blueprint.

They are a code of possibilities or probabilities, waiting for information from the environment to act as the software and instruct specific expressions or actions.

While your genetic code is incredibly important, it does not determine your…..destiny.

The real power is the input from the environment, which provides the DNA with information that will ultimately determine your potential destiny.  This is called the science of Epigenetics. Just because you have a gene, does not mean it will express.

Epigenetics determines if, when, and how your genes will express. It is the information from the environment of your daily life, such as the foods you eat, thoughts you think, products you clean with and put on your skin, and the region you live in, that in each moment informs your genetic code.

This process is what informs your cells of how “safe” the world is and what the body needs to adapt and respond, in order for you to survive and thrive.

If you’re curious as to what a genetic report looks like, you can view a sample one here.

How we get the results + what to expect

The need for precision and being at your best every day is paramount.

To guide you from where you are to become your most enhanced self starts by figuring out what makes you uniquely you by utilizing a comprehensive data-driven approach with personalized programming. Here are some of the tools and ways we’ll accomplish this:

  • Begin with an in-depth comprehensive 360° lifestyle evaluation and review where no stone is left untouched
  • Conduct in-depth genetic analysis & interpretation of over 750,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) while only reporting those variances that can be modified through actionable lifestyle strategies.
  • Utilize epigenetic optimization (including using the Epigenetics Age Test so we can get a reliable indicator of your biological age)
  • Leverage blood analysis & hormonal testing
  • Use various cognitive testing modalities for brain optimization
  • Use bio-specific programming
  • Use biometric technology monitoring

With this data-driven and personalized approach inside my boutique precision performance & health optimization advisory firm, you can expect to: 

  • Enhance your energy so you can perform at your best and enjoy the physically demanding hobbies you’ve long since given up
  • Enhance your sex drive so you can maximize your intimate relationships
  • Enhance your confidence and sense of personal fulfillment due to having a body that reflects who you feel like on the inside
  • Enhance your cognition and focus so high performance becomes an everyday reality
  • Enhance hormones such as testosterone so you can live a fully optimized life
  • Enhance your lifestyle design so you can have the swagger that leads to an infectious vibe others can’t look away from
  • Enhance the likelihood of youthful longevity so you can spend more time with those most important to you
  • Enhance your stress physiology so you can start to leverage stress to your advantage
  • Enhance your human potential with a precise roadmap that up-levels your genetic expression in every domain so you become limitless

Your next step

Whenever you’re ready to create a flourishing and thriving life and human system, set up your initial consultation by clicking on this link here.