30: Leading On The Battlefield and In Business with Ty Smith

Leading On The Battlefield and In Business Optimal health  for busy entrepreneurs

Welcome to episode 30 of Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs.

Life is unpredictable. But yet and still, there are a few things that every human will experience: uncertainty being one of them. At some point, uncertainty and turbulent waters will meet with us face-to-face.

And my guest this week, Ty Smith is here to deliver the mindset to help navigate those uncertain times. Becoming superhuman isn’t just about physical mastery, there’s an emotional and mental component that must be given proper nurturing.

Ty is someone who had a life-changing moment as a little boy from an unexpected source, which planted the seed that eventually led to him becoming a Navy SEAL. And after he retired from years of service, Ty had to reinvent himself for the next phase of life (both personally and professionally).

I enjoyed this conversation and I think you will as well. There were so many insights and powerful reminders I got from this conversation. Here’s more information about Ty:

Ty Smith is the Founder and CEO of VRS. He is a retired United States Navy SEAL Senior Chief. Prior to retiring from the Navy, Ty completed a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management from Ashford University, and a Master of Business for Veterans from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business. After 20 years of faithful and honorable service to God and country, Ty launched Vigilance Risk Solutions, a San Diego-based security consulting and risk mitigation company with a special focus in the field of workplace violence mitigation.

Listen to the episode here:

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Ty’s spark to becoming a SEAL (it’s from a surprising source)
  • The Parallels between today’s current times and life as a SEAL (and the effects on their families)
  • Handling chaos and uncertainty
  • Handling the death of his sister and PTSD (plus a key insight around this not often mentioned)
  • Relearning how to communicate again with himself (and others)
  • How to navigate relationships with someone who has dealt with past trauma
  • Comparing business life to military life (and the surprising revelations)
  • Advice to new entrepreneurs
  • What does being a success mean to Ty
  • What does failure mean to Ty
  • His 3 recommendations to Unlocking Your Human Potential
  • And much more

Resources featured in this episode:

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