3:The 2 Types of Pain: How to Choose The Right Type So You Can Optimize Your Health

Pain is unavoidable in life. Despite the messages on social and various other outlets, thinking that pain is unavoidable is delusional thinking.

This will keep you from acheiving your goals. This will keep you in a low-energy state, keep you in a state where the weight just won't come off, and keep you in a state where mediocre results are the norm.

In this powerful episode, I'm sharing with you the two types of pain and how you can choose the right type by implementing this one key habit. It's changed my life and will change yours as well.

In this episode, you're going to learn how:

  • To easily recognize the 2 types of pain in each situation
  • To make the right decision each time by integrating a new decision making habit into your life
  • And much more

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