48: Crowd Cow CEO & Co-Founder Joe Heitzeberg on Taking the Mystery Out of Your Meat and Redefining an Industry

Crowd Cow CEO & Co-Founder Joe Heitzeberg on Taking the Mystery Out of Your Meat and Redefining an Industry

Welcome to episode 48 of Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs.

We have Joe Heitzeberg, CEO and co-founder of Crowd Cow, stopping by for a fascinating discussion about the meat commodity industry and leading a company.

Crowd Cow is a company offering the most comprehensive assortment of local, sustainable, and premium meat and seafood direct from the producer, delivered to your door. Meat, and in general, the food we eat is something we take for granted. However, there’s a large ecosystem of people (and the environment) that’s being affected—and not to mention our health. In today’s episode, we go over this along with a slew of other topics surrounding this area of focus.

Prior to Crowd Cow, Joe was the co-founder and President of Madrona Venture Labs, a startup incubator, and was the co-founder and CEO of MediaPiston (acquired by UpWork in 2012, IPO in 2018) and Snapvine (acquired by WhitePages in 2008). Joe graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Computer Science and has an MBA from MIT.

Listen to the episode here:

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Joe’s origin story
  • Why meat isn’t just about your health—there’s a much bigger picture
  • Where the quality of your meat is from
  • What they aren’t telling you about the wild-caught vs. farm-raised salmon discussion
  • How to determine if your farm-raised salmon is ok
  • The problem with the commodity meat system
  • Initial hurdles to changing our relationship with the standard meat and food system
  • Initial difficulties with starting Crowd Cow
  • How Crowd Cow uniquely packages and sends their food
  • How they offset greenhouse gases
  • Advice for entrepreneurs during challenging times
  • How Joe and Crowd Cow have adapted to the changing times
  • The decision process for bringing on different cuts and meats (this is transferable to your business)
  • How Joe maintains his well-being
  • What’s Joe’s definition of success
  • Plus much more

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