Leverage Your Genetics to Become Healthier, Smarter, Fitter, & Upgrade Your Life Without The Guesswork

Are you an intelligent, ambitious, hardworking, and growth-minded high performer who wants to optimize their health, energy, and performance?


I’ll provide you with the exact blueprint to do so.


Would you like to subtract fat, build muscle, get stronger, improve sex, turn your brain into a lethal weapon, and at minimum double your energy without the guesswork—all while living your version of a perfect life?

If the Answer is Yes—Keep Reading

Dear fellow high-performer,

Have you ever paused and given thought as to why certain diet work well for some, and not as well for others?

Or why certain supplements provide huge benefits to some, while others see little-to-no results (or even worse—negative results)?

Or why some of us respond greatly to certain training methods and sports, while others are seemingly wasting their time?

Or why some of us have very little problems with sleep, while others struggle immensely with it?

Or why some of us breakdown and get sick quicker, while others continue to forge ahead?

Your DNA gives clues to your past and epigenetics will mold your future.

The choices you make on a daily basis create changes in the expression of your DNA. These choices are literally changing the shape of your proteins, your cells, and your body.

If you're tired of randomly guessing and hoping the "next thing" will work, then you're going to love what you're about to read.

Thanks to the latest techniques in genetic testing, cutting edge science, and real world experience, there's finally a program that will deliver a custom blueprint based on your unique DNA so you can optimize your nutrition, movement, sleep, hormones, environment, cognition, and stress.

In essence...becoming superhuman is no longer a fantasy.

Introducing The Superhuman Blueprint

An Step-by-Step Precision Roadmap Based on Your Unique Genetics So You Can Achieve Optimal Health, Energy, and Performance

Get actionable and high impact genetic data

Most companies focus their genetic testing on ancestry data. This is can be fun to know if you're into that sort of thing, but it provides little-to-nothing concerning optimizing your health and performance. I'm only concerned with gene SNP's that are high impact and have some relevance to your life.

You no longer have to waste your time "researching" nor mixing & matching tips hoping they turn out favorably.

Instead, you can go back to focusing on the things you truly enjoy and excel at thanks to being provided a precision health and performance plan.

With 80 pages and over 750,000 genetic variants, you'll be provided with a comprehensive picture of your

  1. Nutritional Genomics
  2. Supplementation Genomics
  3. Sleep Genomics
  4. Athletic Performance Genomics
  5. Environmental & Detox Genomics
  6. Hormonal Genomics

Below is a more detailed overview of each section along with a sample report.

What's Inside The Superhuman Blueprint

Becoming Superhuman in Life Starts With Leveraging Your Unique Genetics

Nutrition Genomics +

Food plays a pivotal role with your cognition, energy, skin, rate of aging, and body composition. Speaking of the latter, a 33% improvement in weight loss occurred when individuals were following a genetically approproate diet according to a 2014 study appearing in the European Society of Human Genetics. Through nutrigenomic and nutrigenetic analysis, you’ll can learn along with optimizing these areas:

  1. Appetite
    • Important hormones such as adiponectin, leptin, and ghrelin play a starring role in determine your hunger levels, satiety response, and overall energy
    • Neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin can pull invisible strings regarding your response to eating (you'll want to make sure this is working for you)
    • Key genetic variants can indicate a predisposition for weight gain, emotional eating, and problems with controlling appetite
  2. Taste Preferences
    • Do you gravitate toward bitter foods? Or do fatty and salty foods pull you in? How's that sweet tooth of yours? There's a reason for these preferences.
    • Understanding these underlying genetics preferences can help understand and reign in your eating habits to help you thrive
  3. Insulin Sensitivity
    • Certain individuals (such as myself) actually possess a greater predisposition towards insulin resistance equaling potential blood sugar issues, accelerated aging, and weight thanks to genetic variants.
    • No need to worry, you can completely mitigate this issue with the right plan but having the awareness is the first critical step.
  4. Macronutrients
    • Discover how much protein is ideal for your body
    • Discover if you're more genetically suited for a low or high fat diet
    • Discover which type of fat you metabolize best — polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, or saturated fat
    • Discover whether you're more genetically suited for a low or high carbohydrate diet
  5. Lactose Intolerance
    • 65% of the world is lactose intolerant. For the greater majority of the world, the enzyme which processes dairy (Lactase) disappears after breast feeding. However, those who can process dairy likely picked up the genetic variant of MCM6 which allows you to digest milk.
  6. Caffeine
    • One week caffeine is good for you. And the next it's not good for you. No need to continually guess as you can learn your particular variant toward caffeine.
    • It can be beneficial for fast metabolizers while slow metabolizers will need to watch their consumption levels.
  7. Metabolism
    • Discover genetic factors that influence your basal metabolic rate (and mitochondria) along with how you can effectively boost your metabolism according to your unique genetic makeup.

Sleep Genomics +

As Professor Matthew Walker states in his book ‘Why We Sleep‘, “We are socially, organizationally, economically, physically, behaviorally, nutritionally, linguistically, cognitively, and emotionally dependent upon sleep.” In this section, we'll review various circadian genes to optimize your energy and health. Here's some of what to expect:

  1. How much sleep is ideal for you?
    • Most people think they can cut corners on sleep. Sleep is tricky because you don't know when you're actually sleep deprived because the brain does a great job of keeping things in a equilibrium state. But, there's a big difference between thriving and existing through the day.
    • With that said, some people are genetically wired to require a lower amount of sleep—I'll let you know where you stand.
  2. Are you predisposed to sleep disturbances and other sleep difficulties?
    • Sleep comes easy to some and to others, it's a total crapshoot. We'll be able to identify some potential chokeholds by looking at specific genetic variants.
  3. Are you genetically wired to be a morning person or later evening person?
    • Matching your schedule with your optimal biological rhythm will lead to more energy, better health, and higher performance.

Supplemental Genomics +

While getting all of our nutrients from food will always be a top priority. The reality of the situation is different. Due to the current environment, living in particular locations, or having certain genetic variants—using targeted supplementation is great strategy for optimization. With that said, different people have different biochemical makeups which means different nutrients are needed in different amounts for support and optimization. Inside this section, you'll...

  1. Learn about how your body is predisposed to break down, absorb, and transport specific micronutrients such as your B vitamins, choline, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, and vitamin E
  2. Learn about whether a high sodium intake will contribute to high blood pressure
  3. Learn how to optimize your body's various metabolic pathways and precisely target the weak links
  4. Become equipped with a targeted and high impact supplement plan + much more

Athletic Performance Genomics +

There is strong evidence concerning the role that genetics play in athletic performance and in general, physique development. However, keep this in mind, genetics is about propensities and probabilities, not absolutes. Having ideal genes for elite performance won't make you an elite athlete and not having optimal performance genetics doesn't mean you can't be an elite performer. In this section, we'll review various performance markers such as:

  1. Recovery genetics
    • How long does it take for you to recover and build muscle after exercise? And how can you optimize your recovery?
  2. Are you more of a power or endurance base athlete
    • Are you genetically predisposed to perform short bursts of exercise or go long distances naturally? Learning the where you genetically stand can help you optimize your training—no matter whether you want to focus power or endurance.
  3. Muscle composition
    • Discover how your genes factor into play concerning your fast or slow twitch muscle fibers throughout your body
  4. VO2 Max trainability 
    • VO2 is simply the maximum amount of oxygen a person can use during intense exercise and is a measure of cardiorespiratory fitness in which your genetics play a role in
  5. Injuries
    • Whether you're a high performance athlete or a recreational athlete, mitigating injuries are huge
    • Various genetic variants can indicate whether you're more likely to experience tendon & ligament issues, cartilage issues, rotator cuff issues, or lumbar disc issues

Environment & Detoxification Genomics +

The food you eat, air you breathe, products you put on your skin all play a part in your health, energy, and performance. With that said, the word "detox" likely conjures up a multitude of images and thoughts. To some, it's a total joke—I don't blame them, especially if they're thinking of the various commercial fad products. That's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about the natural detoxification system that exists inside your body that breakdowns and excretes toxic substances on a daily basis.

The world is anything but pure, therefore, it's important to ensure your detoxification is functioning properly (or even better—enhancing it). Through your genetics, you can which genes of yours responsible for various detoxification enzymes are functioning ideally and which ones need support. With this knowledge in mind, you can precisely include herbs and nutrients that up-regulate genes and strengthens your bodies defense system. Detoxification plays a role in inflammation, weight loss, energy levels, performance, cognition, and aging. Here are some key areas we'll be reviewing:

  • Targeted and high impact liver CYP enzymes
  • Methylation and acetylation
  • Glutathione system and other antioxidants
  • Mercury processing and impact
  • Mitochondrial processing
  • And much more


Hormonal Genomics +

Aging, high performance energy, obtaining your ideal body, and many other bodily functions comes down to having optimized hormones. What's optimize for one person will be something different for the next. In this section, we'll review genetic factors affecting:

  • Melatonin
  • Thyroid production
  • Cortisol
  • Estrogen
  • Testosterone
  • Bone density


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Here's the 6 Step Process for how it works

  • Step 1: I'll send you a easy-to-use cheek swab DNA test kit at your preferred address
  • Step 2: You'll send your sample back to a state of the art facility
  • Step 3: Around 2 weeks of business days later, I'll get your raw data and will interpret it along with jotting down recommendations.
  • Step 4: I'll send you a link to schedule a time to review your blueprint with highly specific recommendations.
  • Step 5: We'll have a 120 minute consultation session to review all sections in your personalized report and you'll also have a quick start plan based on your goals.
  • Step 6: With 80 pages and lots of new material, it may be initially overwhelming. No worries. We'll have a 45 minute follow up session to review anything you want such as labs or anything else on your mind

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1.What is epigenetics?

At the simplest level, it's simply how your DNA interacts with the environment.

Who you are isn't just about the genes you were born with, it's also about how those genes interact with your environment, and how your environment influences those specific gene expressions. The choices you make on a daily basis can create changes in the expression of your DNA. These choices will change the shape of your proteins, your cells, your body, and ultimately, your destiny and potential impact.

2. What makes this different from other direct-to-consumer kits?

Firstly, these reports aren't available direct-to-consumer. You must have someone certified in epigenetic performance and interpretation to gather the data. Also, most genetic testing kits are designed for identifying ancestral data which often changes. Also, these array kits are priced low in order to accumulate data—data is valuable to these companies because it allows them to mine the data, share the data, and ultimately sell the data or their findings. Privacy is a concern here as they keep you on their database, there's always a footprint.

With over 750,000 SNP's (single nucleotide polymorphisms), I'm focusing on and selecting high impact variants that are relevant to your goals which is lifestyle guidance as opposed to ancestry. While obtaining information from your genetic data is great, having someone who understands the complexity of the human system and can pair it with your personal lifestyle is where the magic happens.

Algorithms are powerful and wonderful for simple tasks. However, they are not ideal for assessing complex systems involving multiple critical variables and then, delivering that information in a practical, actionable, and straight forward manner.

3. What about the data...who owns it?

This is your data and it's never going to be shared nor sold. In addition to your blueprint, I'm going to send you your raw genetic data in case you want to do some outside research on your own.

4. What's the deal with privacy?

Maintaining anonymity is the highest priority. Your specimen is submitted to the lab as only a barcode. The data and identification are kept on completely independent servers. Your specimen and data are retained for approximately 3 months in order to rerun the data in case there are any questions. Afterward, it's erased and destroyed from the server.

5. Do you have ongoing coaching/program options available in addition to interpreting genetics?

Yes I do. The options available are discussed during our initial call before anything is started.

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