84: Sienna Sinclaire on Building An Unmistakable Empire and Why We Should Embrace Our Naughtiness

Sienna Sinclaire on Building An Unmistakable Empire and Why We Should Embrace Our Naughtiness

Welcome to episode 84 of Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs.

We have sex coach, three-time award-winning author of five books, and entrepreneur Sienna Sinclaire dropping by for a fascinating discussion on naughtiness, building an empire, her successful Naughty Girl Clothing Shop, and living the life you truly want. Sienna has packaged travel, sex, and history into an unmistakable brand. She’s also a burlesque performer, a party planner who hosts monthly parties in Los Angeles, and someone who is truly embodying the superhuman life.

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  • Sienna’s origin story
  • The benefits of traveling (and being on your own)
  • What does being naughty mean to Sienna (and why you should craft your own meaning)
  • How Sienna started her business and the continual evolution from it
  • How stripping helped Sienna level up (fascinating points here)
  • One of the biggest misconceptions about the naughty industry
  • Some of the biggest surprises that Sienna has seen from the people’s she’s helped
  • Obstacles and stigmas around the naughty world
  • Early challenges in business
  • Sienna’s journey to launching her clothing store
  • The power of writing down your goals and aspirations (what Sienna wrote 20 years ago is coming true now)
  • And much more

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[00:00 – 10:20]

Julian Hayes II: Welcome, everyone to another episode of Optimal Health for Busy Entrepreneurs. I’m your host, Julian Hayes II, back at it again with another fascinating and interesting entrepreneur. And when we think about health optimization, when we think about becoming the healthiest versions of ourselves, we tend to think about nutrition, exercise and sleep. But what many rarely think about is their mindset, specifically, the way in which you’re living your life. Many of us can be healthy and fit on the outside, but on the inside, we can sometimes feel suppressed and trapped, have a constant yearning to do more, or simply, there’s a need for us to become naughtier. And my guest today is an expert in all things, naughtiness. I’m here with Miss Sienna Sinclair, she is a three-time award winning author of five books, a burlesque performer, a world traveler, 75 countries and counting, certified sex coach, great music tastes, I checked out a few free musical playlists. And lastly, is the owner of the wildly popular naughty girl shop. So, Sienna how’s it going today?

Sienna Sinclair: Hey, thanks for having me. And thanks for the introduction is very nice.

Julian Hayes II: Thank you, I appreciate that. You got to give people their flowers while they’re here. And so, like I told you before we hit the record button here, that you’re like Superwoman when I first came across you because you’re doing so many things. 

Sienna Sinclair: Yes. Yeah. 

Julian Hayes II: So, let’s start with your origin story. Were you always like you are now with this sense like this rebellious spirit?

Sienna Sinclair: My spirit, or would you say…?

Julian Hayes II: Yeah, like a rebellious spirit. I just sense that from you.

Sienna Sinclair: Yeah, I guess I can be a little rebellious but more free spirited, just not following the rules, but not illegally. No, I’ve always been someone who has followed my own path. Because it’s the way I grew up when I was younger, you know, moving to many different schools, and learning to love myself, because I spent a lot of time with myself because I didn’t have a lot of friends moving a lot, so you end up spending a lot more time with yourself. And also, just learning about people in general and how people treat you for being a new girl. And learning not to take things so personal. So when I was growing up, I decided I either had to allow people to hurt my feelings are I had to be strong and move on and not care if people thought about me. And that’s been my philosophies and since, and how I’ve moved on with my business. I just learned not to care what people think about me. So, when it comes to naughtiness, it has helped me because trust me, when you’re in the naughty business, people love to comment and talk about you and judge you. I’m not here for any judgments.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah, that’s almost like a superpower to have that thick callous – that skin that doesn’t just like comments, especially now in the age of the internet, it’s very easy to be anonymous, and just say some of the cruelest things. And I’ve noticed that with friends who have travelled a lot, as little kids, where it’s almost like, I guess being in a different environments they’re a little more tougher than people like me who grew up in one place. And you know, I can admit it, I have been a little shelter and a little more sensitive.

Sienna Sinclair: You have to be tough, because, you know, one, it’s street smarts because I grew up a lot on my own and taking care of myself, I’m not saying my parents weren’t there for me, they were busy, young working people, but I just learned how to protect myself. And, you know, because I wasn’t with a group of friends my whole life, you know, I had to learn how to make friends all the time. Even when people didn’t like me, I had to, you know, take the hurt, but then go; okay, you know, I can’t take this personally but how to kind of be on my own. I spent a lot of lunches on my own.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah, I took my first trip out of the country, I went by myself, I’m only child, so it wasn’t too bad. But it was interesting to be in an unfamiliar land, and barely can speak the language. And you have to really become more resourceful.

Sienna Sinclair: I think everybody should, the way I grew up, it helped me to be able to be on my own and travel on my own. But I think that everybody, it’s almost as if it should be a class, that you should learn how to be on your own. And, you know, not depend on people and to travel because I always tell people that when you travel by yourself it’s totally different than when you travel with a friend because when you’re with a friend or someone you’re comfortable with, you’re not going to go talk to a stranger. You’re not going to go do things that you would do with a friend because you stick with your friends. When you’re by yourself, you’re kind of forced to talk to other people that you would never talk to and do things and get out of your comfort zone.

Julian Hayes II: It’s a very good point, I was telling another friend, he’s afraid to travel by himself. I was like, trust me, when you go travel by yourself, you’ll become more outgoing than you possibly can believe because here I am back in my hometown right now, I’m a little more reserved because I have my established network of friends. But when you’re in a new place, it’s almost like you give yourself permission to be this new character or really, maybe be the person that you always thought you were going to be a little too afraid to be.

Sienna Sinclair: Yeah, I mean, that’s another thing that I loved about growing up so many different places is that for even for me, as an adult, I love to go to new city and just start over. It’s just something I love. People are like, well, aren’t you afraid? You’re not going to know anyone there? I’m like, that’s the best thing because I’m not going to know anybody. They’re not going to know me. It’s not like I’m running away. I just love to travel. That’s who I am and meeting new people. You know, I find that easy, also learning about other cultures.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah, so before we dive into all your businesses, what does being naughty mean to you?

Sienna Sinclair: So, naughty to me is just feeling sexy and confident in myself, but naughty to someone else could be totally something different. Sorry.

Julian Hayes II: Oh, that’s fine. I’ve had dogs jump in.

Sienna Sinclair: I really love what he does this. I always tell other people that because people say what’s naughty for other people, I can’t define you’re naughty. That’s something that you need to define on your own as I’ve done for myself. And naughty can be anything from being tame, which is a lot of what my books are about; finding your own naughty level, your comfort level, and also attending my parties. But it could be something as much as just you know, getting up in the morning and wearing sexy lingerie that nobody can see but you that’s underneath your clothes, but it makes you feel sexy. Or naughty could be you know, going to a strip club or taking it to the extent to where you’re exploring your sexuality with fetish clubs or sex clubs. But I say naughty, you’d have to define it. And for me, it’s just sexiness and confidence.

Julian Hayes II: So, where’s the origins of you started your business? How did that come about?

Sienna Sinclair: Oh, started many moons ago. When I lived in London in 2001, I was just fresh out of college, and I had an internship and I traveled over there and I kind of always had like a little curiosity, but I was never I was curious in naughtiness but I wasn’t, it’s not like you would look back at my life and go, Oh, wow, you were really naughty. It didn’t really start until I went to London. And I was out on my own, which is what we’re talking about. And I started exploring myself more and going on history tours and learning about these women of the past, these cortisones madams, and to me, they were really ahead of their times, they were businesswoman, they were women who were stepping out of the norm, and doing things that they shouldn’t have been doing back then because they were considered like scum of the earth, you know.

You know, they weren’t ever proper women or to get married again, you know, but they were doing things that they didn’t want to be a wife, you know, because there weren’t many options for women back then. And by being Madam, you were free to make your own money, to own land, and to marry if you wanted to as a choice. But I just found these women fascinating, and their stories, and also naughty history is just fun. You know, it’s like watching a crime movie, you know, you know, to learn about something different, not so boring history.

And I started travelling all over Europe. And I started to write about it on a blog back in the day, and people… I saw, like a big interest in it. And when I went back to the States, that’s kind of where my business kind of took off with my love of travel, sex and history. And I combined all three together and came up with naughty girl book, but also just started with, after I came back from London, I moved to DC. And I started dancing stripping. And I did that more out of a need for money. People never get into stripping because they want to, they do have a need of money, you know, because I needed some money. And I wanted to travel. So, it was an easy way for me to make money.

But when I got into it, stripping really helped me to get more comfortable in my body and to love myself more. And it also helped me to take control because men usually think they have the power, that was very empowering for me to have that power and into able to tell a man No, you know, and they listen in strip clubs, you know. So, all that was like a whole self-learning experience. Unfortunately, a lot of women go in there and you know, they turn to drugs, they have boyfriends that they pay for, or I took it a different way I thought as a business. And if I could not let this business suck me and spit me out, I could really make it. So, I just went from stripping and then I went into taking sex coaching classes, I really got into like this whole naughty lifestyle, a way of living, and started going and attending fetish shows and got into the fetish world for two years, where I traveled all over Europe and different countries attending fetish events. And I was also a fetish model. 

[10:20 – 20:10]

Sienna Sinclair: I got into the burlesque world where I really went like this was like a school, I went to for myself just like really learning about myself. And it doesn’t mean that whatever I was learning I liked, you know, I realized after doing all this, I’m pretty tame and pretty vanilla. Like, I don’t need fetish things to get me off. It was just something I wanted to explore, to learn more about. And I got into a burlesque scene because of the love of women’s bodies, if you’ve ever been to a burlesque show, it’s usually women of all body sizes. And I love you know, I’m really big in supporting women of all sizes, being in a loving your natural self. So, it was just a combination of doing all this stuff that got me to where I am today. And experience for myself that I took on my own.

Julian Hayes II: I think it’s very interesting. What’s one of the biggest misconceptions that probably mainstream has about the naughty industry, in general is overall?

Sienna Sinclair: I think that they don’t realize that running a naughty business is like running a business, I take my business very seriously, they might think that you’re dumb, you’re not smart, you didn’t go to college. Or you’re only in it for the money or, you know, you have a deadbeat boyfriend, or you have kids that you’re supporting. Am I in it for the money? Of course, I’m in it for the money. Money is what brought me to this world. And do I love money? Yes, because money allows me to travel and to do the things, and have the business that I want. But that’s not all of it. You know, it was more about learning about myself. And then once I learned about myself, I realized that I started helping people. And that’s what I really loved what I started doing, is applying what I learned from other people.

Julian Hayes II: What some of the, you know, because I after this time of five books, I know your host parties, and what some of the biggest surprises that you see from the people that you’ve helped?

Sienna Sinclair: Oh, well, there’s so many, because people can come to me to one of my parties, very shy. There’s one Girl who came to my party and it was a very tame, I have different level parties for different people, whether it’s a meetup at a hotel, just to come out and see us and realize that we’re not weird, you know, we’re normal people. And I might have an event where we go to a burlesque event for people who want something tamed, not everyone’s ready to jump into a sex party. And I offer these different ways so that people can feel comfortable and find their own naughty level. But there was this one girl who came to my event and it was just an outdoor naughty drive up, we drove up your cars on a drive thru or drive in. And we were watching nine and a half a week. So, it was a 50s theme, roller skates, girls topless with carrying food to you. And then afterwards we had a DJ, and we were doing little, what’s that little thing when you go under the stick? Limbo. So, she was sitting in the corner. And I knew she was new. And I went up to her.

And I said, Hey, would you like to join the topless Limbo, but not to be topless? And she was like, No, no, no, I heard look on her face that said it all, and you know, don’t shame or judge anyone. So, I said, Fine. You know, she’s either going to come back to my events, or this was just too much for her. And ever since then, it has been four years, she has now started hosting her own events. She is this like, very sexual person now. And she’s always thanked to me, and credited me and tells people all the time, you know, Sienna, if it wasn’t for her, because before, she said, you know, she lived in this world where people didn’t allow her to be naughty. And then all of a sudden, she found this group of, you know, caring, supportive people that allowed her to be naughty, and she became, like, more naughty than me. But again, it’s no judgment, there’s no judgment here. That’s just too she became I saw her go into this person. And I’ve also helped marriages, I had a couple who came to me whether, you know, someone cheated on someone.

And sometimes, you know, people reach a point in their marriages. It’s not for everybody, you know, not talking about every marriage, but they had decided that she wanted to, you know, explore the naughty world a little bit. And it’s been two years and their progress is slow, but it’s working for them to where now they’ll come into the bedroom with other couples but still not do anything with other couples. You know, they’re just doing things on their own, but it’s taken them that long just to do that in two years. But, you know, it’s helping them with their marriage, you know, you shouldn’t judge someone you know, that’s what they want to do.

Julian Hayes II: What do you think is the biggest hurdle or obstacle for most people when it comes to unleashing more this naughty side that we all have in us? 

Sienna Sinclair: I think it’s judgement from what society whether their religious background, what their family will think, you know, having kids thinking, if I’m doing this, then you know, I don’t want my kids to see this. I just think it’s just society and a lot of brainwashing as we grow up. What you’re not supposed to do, don’t touch yourself. Don’t masturbate, don’t you know, don’t do this, this is wrong. Girls don’t do this, you know, the whole thing. And then when they come into my world, they see all these people who are normal, because a lot of people also think that sex clubs or nudist resorts are a bunch of freaks. And they come and they see, wow, this is not what I was expecting. I’m not going to say that you’re going to get this from every naughty party, because there are some sketchy parties out there and you need to be careful. And always go to a party, you know, that looks out for your safety and, you know, is asked permission.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah, I bet people will be surprised to see all types of people there. Because, yeah, like you mentioned, you people probably have this certain image of the type of person that goes to these parties.

Sienna Sinclair: My party and again, you have to be careful with some swinger parties. There are some swinger parties who do judge people and that’s their business, if they want to only allow attractive people to come or fit people, they’re allowed to do that. That’s their business model, but I don’t do that because I don’t discriminate. I don’t believe discrimination, I don’t believe discriminate against age, size, color or anything. I just don’t feel comfortable with myself allowing someone because you were born a certain way, or you gained weight that I’m saying no to you, you can’t have permission to be naughty. I said totally against what my business is about.

But again, totally okay if that’s what your businesses, you know, people like that, that’s fine. So, my group of people, by doing that, and not judging people, I have met some of the most amazing people that if I did judge people by their looks, I would have never met them. I have Indian couples coming in who you’re like, you know, and little sweet Indian couple is come in, and you’re like, Oh, my gosh, these people do not look naughty at all. You never know, people. I mean, I have so many walks of life at my parties. And when I look around, and everybody being naughty, it just makes me happy now that I’ve created this community of people.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah, that’s awesome to hear. And I bet that happiness when you can finally be yourself just translates beautifully to all of the aspects of your life.

Sienna Sinclair: Oh, yeah. because my people are so friendly. They are some of the nicest people. I’ve been to some swinger clubs, where it’s been supermodels, beautiful people, nobody talks to each other, you know, unless they’re interested. There’s just this… But my community, everyone’s friendly, just because someone’s talking to you doesn’t mean they’re hitting on you. It just it’s amazing to see. I mean, I’m like, getting all sad because I haven’t had a party in a long time.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah, yeah. So, when do you think you’ll be able to do your next one with? Because, you know, as we shift here, thinking business right now and what do you expect?

Sienna Sinclair: Well, my last party that I did was October – Halloween. And we had everyone tested, which was fine. And nobody got sick. Everyone was tested yet to be tested the day before. But it was really hard to get people to do that, and I understand. Because, you know, media saying one thing, people have kids, people have parents living with them. And they just don’t want to take any chances. I still had a good-sized party, it was about 40 people, but normally my parties can be anywhere from 60 to 80. I don’t like them too big, my parties. It was just really hard to sell tickets. And I never had to ever struggle to sell tickets. But I needed the party because I just think we all kind of needed it for the people who wanted to come. But just because of how hard it was I decided, you know what, I don’t need to struggle to host a big party. I’m just going to put it off. Because I can tell that there’s some people who are not comfortable yet coming. And I’ve told my group that you know, right now things are just on hold. But I don’t know, you know, I really don’t know.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah, it’s a very interesting time, but I will say though, soon as I guess things do fully open up again. I’m sure people are going to be just craving…

Sienna Sinclair: For a massive party on earth ever.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. 

Sienna Sinclair: Sex clubs can open up. It doesn’t matter if you’re a nightclub or a sex club, it’s going to be one massive party.

Julian Hayes II: Because I’m not even really a night person. And I was even telling a friend the other day, it’s like, you know, I kind of would like to go out to like a bar lounge or something, just to do something be around a bunch of people.

Sienna Sinclair: He’s going to go out even if…. you’re going to be so drunk and hangovers next day, and nobody’s going to care.

[20:10 – 30:00]

Julian Hayes II: Exactly. So, let’s go to the early days of your business as you’re building these parties, and you’re building just following in general, what were some of the early challenges from that?

Sienna Sinclair: Early challenges were, I had a strategy when I first started, I had like a five-year plan. My five-year plan was to start Sienna Sinclair first with naked photos, you know, my naughty website, because that’s who I was at first with, I hadn’t done anything yet else yet. But I knew I wanted to do other stuff. I just wasn’t 100% sure. But I knew I needed a following. I knew I eventually wanted to write a book. But if I had written a book and started a social media page, nobody would have cared. So, you to build my brand and my personality first and that was through Sienna Sinclair. And I knew I could get followers by posting nude photos, and it worked. I got a big following. And then I started introducing my book. And you know, people started buying it and just kind of, it’s the same with my naughty girl clothing line. That was, you know, the Sienna’s first and then my books, and then my sex coach and all these other little things and building up my brand. Because after I built my Sienna brand, I had to learn how to tap into women, because it was mostly men. So, during my sex coaching and my parties, I was able to tap into women. And then that’s how I was able to get to the naughty girl clothing brand was using the women that I tapped into. So, it was a long process. This is not something that just happens overnight.

Julian Hayes II: Definitely not. Definitely not. I think a lot of us want instantaneous results, especially being in the online world now where it seems like there’s all these overnight success, you just don’t see. Yeah.

Sienna Sinclair: You’re not. And I tell people that too. If you see a girl on Instagram, I promise you, she’s either been working for five years before that aren’t. I mean, there are some people who just get lucky. And just get lucky. But those people are so few.

Julian Hayes II: You know, speaking of a long time, one of the things that first caught my attention with you is when you made a video, and you were talking about your clothing store, and how long it took to get off the ground. And so, let’s dive into that a little bit, you mentioned that it took almost 20 years to get off the ground.

Sienna Sinclair: My video is titled “don’t give up on your dream” and it came about from watching this TV show. I can’t remember what it was called, oh, it’s these three guys in like New Jersey or four guys that go around and joke people I can’t remember the thing. But anyway, they were doing this funny joke. And the guy was saying; it took me 15 years to do my business. And the guy in the audience, you know, they don’t know what’s real. And he’s like, 15 years. That sounds ridiculous. Why would anybody do that? And he’s like, Hey, I’m on my own path. You know, it’s just a joke. Practical jokers. So, it’s really good show. So, it got me thinking I’m like, yeah, that guy should not be making fun of his path.

Even though it was a joke. It was a show. It was meant to be funny, and I thought sorry, thinking about my thing. Well, I’ve done it for 20 years, but not to the point where I was doing it for 20 years, I was I didn’t start my business. And then, you know, took 20 years, I had an idea 20 years ago, when I started Sienna. And I was trying to think about my five-year plan and things that I would do. And one of them was definitely my books in sex coaching and doing all the things I talked about before with the fetish and the burlesque world, and just trying to find different ways to make money. Because I always believe in not having your basket, your eggs all in one basket, you know, kind of different revenues, but the same type of business. So, to make it easy on yourself. And sorry, I just lost my train of mind because that one car was going off the bus.

Julian Hayes II: I like these zoom interviews, they’re real life. 

Sienna Sinclair: I know. A bus started going. I might hear a loud noise. It throws me off. I’m like, Okay, so what was I saying?

Julian Hayes II: Yeah, so we were talking about your clothing store? Yeah, it’s an idea.

Sienna Sinclair: So, I had my idea. And I made this book, which I showed on my video. And the book was this red book, because it was me called ‘Red Light Boudoir’. And at the time, you have to think 20 years ago, there was none of the stuff that we have today. There was no way to go and get banners made for $5 a day to do a website. I was designing my own websites. So, the cost of everything up front was a lot more. And at the time I was in my 20s and I wanted to travel the world. So, it was an idea. I mean, I really put all my heart into this idea. And so, I just kind of like left it on the side going, you know, I’m going to do it one day. I just don’t know when and I don’t know when that time is going to be, but I know that when it is, I’ll know. So, it’s always there. I always thought about my red light boudoir store, and the years just kept going. But I was busy at that time doing other stuff.

And then four years ago, I found this company named ‘Revolve’ on Instagram. I’m sure a lot of girls know who they are. And I saw how they were doing their Instagram through influencers. They were really one of the first businesses that they didn’t have a store. They only had online, and they did everything with influencers, parties; just over the top, they got had a lot of money. So, it was like, I can’t do what he does on his level. But I saw them as a case study, I’m like, Oh, my gosh, these guys should be a case study in any school or college, because what they’re doing is really ahead of the curve. You know, nobody else had done this at the time. Now people are doing that. And they have been really successful. So, I pulled out my book, and I was like; hmm, it might be time to revisit this idea. Because now before I was too busy traveling, I didn’t want to own a store. I mean, we own a store, there are workers, you got to go in, you know, theft, there’s all kinds of stuff. So, I said, maybe I can now do my store.

But now my brand is different. It’s now naughty. And I can’t use the word red light boudoir because it doesn’t kind of go with it. So that’s why I came up with naughty girl instead, but still keeping the same idea. I mean, everything that I had written 20 years ago is all the same stuff I’m using today. It’s amazing. The ideas are all the same, you know, just wild things. But that’s how I did it. I followed Revolve’s idea of only doing online and doing pop ups and hosting these events with these Instagram girls taking them on, like to Mexico into Vegas. And it worked. I mean, 90% of my sales come from Instagram. 

Julian Hayes II: Oh, wow. 

Sienna Sinclair: Yeah.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah. Because when I was going to your website, I did notice that, like you have these very, I want to say like aspirational photos, that just really do a good job of capturing the emotion. Yeah. And then you also have, like you said earlier that you have girls of all different shapes and sizes on there as well. So, when it comes to developing your brand, I guess, how do you? What do you give advice to other entrepreneurs when it comes to like having a dream that seems so difficult, and how do you…?

Sienna Sinclair: I like to discourage people, but also encourage people. So first, I discourage people because not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur. I told my sister this, everybody sees all these girls on Instagram, like, oh my gosh, they own a business. It looks so glamorous, I promise you it’s not that glamorous, and it’s hard. You have to pay your own insurance, pay your own bills, medical, car, you have to pay your own self, it’s so much easier if I could just wake up every day and go to a nine to five job and get paid. I would love to get off work at five o’clock and be able to go hang out my friends and go to the bar and not have to bring work home with me. So, when you’re a business owner, you can do that. I can’t be going out every night like I see my sister doing and hanging out with her friends and going to brunch because I have to run a business 24 hours. And there’s like 20 people under me that I have to communicate with.

So, I try to discourage people because I’m being real, it’s not meant for everybody and that’s okay. It’s okay to work for other people. I don’t understand. Like, if I could do it again, in another life, maybe I’d love to work for somebody else, my life would be so much easier, but that’s not who I am. I’m a driven person. And it takes a lot of drive. And then once I discourage you, I like to encourage you because if this job is for you, you know just know that it is going to take a lot of work but it also can be one of the best things you know like just having that like freedom in just that accomplishment that you did something but I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with working for other people and being a worker for you know someone else and whatever you want to do.

Julian Hayes II: This is very good approach.

Sienna Sinclair: I will say that you know, when the end comes like, I’m going to go like live on the beach and just work at a coffee shop.

Julian Hayes II: I thought about that. I thought about that a few times.

Sienna Sinclair: But I know myself and what would happen is that ended up owning that coffee shop and then needing to own 10 more, just my personality so it’s like don’t do it.

Julian Hayes II: So, what continues to motivate and drive you to this day?

[30:00 – 40:37]

Sienna Sinclair: The thing is about drive, I really don’t know if it’s something you can get, like, how do you get drive, I just had drive my whole life. Like I feel it inside me. There are some days I wake up and I don’t have my drive as much. And then there’s other days, my drive is just so strong. Like, it’s just something that’s there. So, I don’t really know because I’ve never not had drive. Even when I was younger, and this one job when I was in College. This guy said to me, there’s one word, I would describe you as driven. Like, he’s like, you’re just so driven. And this was just me being a cart girl at a golf course. But I my cells were so strong; I was so motivated. I was always there to work. You know, the guys at the golf course loved me. People came in and asked for me. You know, guys talked about me on the radio show, you got to go see this cart girl. But it was just this drive this passion and this love of catering to people like helping people and you know, I don’t really know how you get it. 

Julian Hayes II: Well, I think that’s just a natural talent of yours.

Sienna Sinclair: Yeah, that’s why I have it. I don’t know if you would be cut out for being a business owner, because it is today.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah. And I think, you know, your skill set, like you mentioned right there, it seems like customer service and just, I think that’s a strength of yours. 

Sienna Sinclair: Yes, yeah. Even though I don’t, because people know, who know me know that I don’t really like people. But I love catering to people, but yet I don’t, like if I’m just in my normal life, go get your own food, you know. If it comes to my business, I will cater to you like what you want? What can I get you? It’s just this thing that I have and for making people happy, as a business, as a customer. 

Julian Hayes II: Yes. It’s like flipping a light switch on and off. 

Sienna Sinclair: Yeah. 

Julian Hayes II: Yeah. So, what’s your clothing store, how do you like decide what new items to bring in and inventory and all that?

Sienna Sinclair: So, the reason why I started my clothing store is that people liked my fashion. People like what I wore, but my fashion can be very expensive. This the items that I buy there from, you know, special designers, unique designers that I have. So, I knew I couldn’t sell those items, but I wanted things that were more affordable for women. So, to show people that you can look good and beautiful in anything. And everything I pick, I wear, I don’t pick trends. So, you’re not going to see bell bottoms, I just don’t like bell bottoms, I don’t care if it’s the biggest trend, and I can make a lot of money off of it. There are just things I will not do if it’s trending, my pieces have to be classic, timeless, because I want you to know that you… because a lot of people who are shopping may not have the money, but I want them to know that when they come to my store, they’re investing in something.

And that is going to be a piece that they can wear a long time down the road. And also, I try to find pieces that are unique. Back in the day, like early 2000s, there was a trend of boutique stores. And I don’t know many people who remember this, but I used to love to go boutique shopping there, you know, their little stores that cater to you that it’s a one woman owns it, and picks everything so you’re getting something special and unique. And then they kind of just went away. You know, it was now like Forever 21 and these big chain stores. And you don’t really see a lot of boutique stores as there used to be, they’re starting to come back now. And I think after COVID, that’s going to be that way more customer service.

But that’s what I want on my store to is a lot of one-on-one with people, and letting women know that you know, feeling sexy and confident and just what they wear. Picking pieces that are unique, it’s like you can go out and buy a ton of different clothes. But when I shop how I shop is I have my basics, you know, a jacket, your jeans. But once you have your basics, it’s picking out that like stunner, that one unique piece. And that’s what naughty girls about. Like you can come for your basics. But when you shop, you’re going to be picking out like a stunning dress or something.

Julian Hayes II: I like that. And so, what’s in store for the future for you and Naughty Girl?

Sienna Sinclair: I have no idea, because when I started this business, it kind of all just fell in place. I mean, I had a plan, like I told you, but nobody really has a plan. Because if you go with the flow, which I think is very important, and let things just happen, things can change. And I felt like that’s what happened with my business. I kind of just went with the flow and you know, I’m going to do sex coach and I’m going to go in the fetish world. I’m going to do Boudoir. I was just trying all this stuff. And the clothing store even though like I said, 20 years and I started it now. I didn’t know it was ever going to happen and then it did. So, I don’t know 100% sure what the future is. I’m hoping that naughty girl gets bigger, of course, because I’d love that to be successful. And for to grow more. But I don’t know what the next chapter in my life is.

Julian Hayes II: You know, I said a handful of times to different people I interviewed everything. And that’s kind of the things like we think we have this plan in our head that is going to go 1,2,3 it’s going to go in this linear fashion, but it never pans out that way. And I think…

Sienna Sinclair: … to know that life is not that way, that’s why I just don’t really plan that much.

Julian Hayes II: And I got to get that ingrained in my head, that it’s better just to go with the flow, its less stress. 

Sienna Sinclair: I let life take me where it’s going and so far, it’s taking me a good path with what I want. But I don’t know the future of my naughty parties with COVID. Maybe it’s, you know, I want to do it when COVID is over, but naughty girl has been taken off so much and doing so well. That there does have to be a point to maybe I might have to let something go, you know? I don’t know yet.

Julian Hayes II: So yeah. So, as we get ready to wrap this conversation up, let’s talk about your wellness routine. How do you say so healthy and sharp? What’s your wellness routine like?

Sienna Sinclair: Well, let’s see well, so I’m not as healthy as I look, I’m just kidding. I had a rotator cuff and that has really put me out because I just went and got my cortisone shot for the second time. And I can’t work out with my arm. So that is put me behind but because of my injury, and not being able to lift things, or lift weights, is actually made me take care of my body more. And I have done physical therapy but now I’m doing this aloe moves, which I love this workout, it’s aloe yoga wear but they have this thing called aloe moves. And I’ve been doing a lot more like fascia work. So that I don’t have injuries again, or to prevent things because I’m getting older. And as you get older things just change, you know, doesn’t matter how healthy or you’re going to start limping one day or, you know, you’re going to get a rotator cuff injury, it just happens.

So, I’ve been taking care of myself a lot, my health has changed and that I’m trying to take care of my well-being by stretching more, and especially COVID. Oh my gosh, I was so much more active before COVID doesn’t mean that I’m not working out. It’s just that before COVID I was traveling so that means you’re walking more. I was dancing in nightclubs.

You’re just more active. And now it’s like I’m sitting at home all day. And then I go get up and work out for two hours and I come back and sit. That’s why I’m also getting out the country to get it out of here, but I would just say that. I mean, I love my peloton. Love it. I’m someone who gets bored easily. So, I live in LA in San Francisco. And in San Francisco, I have my peloton and an LA I have like my Pilates machine. A ballet bar and I do a lot of dance.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah, so that’s a very diverse range. And I’m…

Sienna Sinclair: I get bored. And like I said, you also just need to take care of your well-being like stretching.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah, you know, it’s funny, I’ve had a couple people to talk to you. They’re like, you know, I’m eating the same thing. I’m working out, but I’m just gaining more weight. I was like; well, think about what do you normally do during those extra 10 plus hours of the day, you’re generally just not sitting talking on zoom, you’re walking around the city, you’re probably travelling a little more. So that’s extra activity that we tend to forget about.

Sienna Sinclair: No, I mean, my activity is decreased majorly, as an all those little things walk into the airport, walking through the plane, walking into the city, all these little things that you were doing that you’re just not doing anymore. It’s amazing, like how I’ve felt this year, just my health has not been I’m not going to say like, like, Oh, I’m sick, but I’ve had sciatica, you know, I’ve had my injury, you know, sitting too much.

And it’s like, oh my gosh, even when I just get up to go do my workout, you come back and you sit, there’s nothing to do. I’ll walk outside, but then I come back and sit. And normally I had a good balance. I would come back home from a long trip, and I would work but I would be doing trade shows. I would be doing hosting parties. I’d be doing photo shoots. So again, I’m in movement. Right now. It’s just like, okay, after this I’m going to go sit and watch Netflix.

Julian Hayes II: So, this last segment here is just what I call random questions. I used to call it rapid fire, but they’re not rapid fire sometimes because I’m terribly asking rapid fire questions. So, the first question is, what does success mean to you?

Sienna Sinclair: I ask myself that question all the time. Because I’ve never wanted to be famous because I’m very private person. And even though I’m doing an interview with you, you know, I’m still very private. I don’t like, like, you know, fame. Success for me has always been just knowing that I’m financially secure, one, because that’s just always been something for being an independent woman is taking care of myself. But just knowing that I’m happy, and when I get emails, or people come and tell me how much my business has helped them, or changed who they are, that to me defines my success. It’s one thing just to make money in like, Oh, I’m making all this money and a lot of money.

[40:37 – 46:59]

Sienna Sinclair: But I don’t feel like you’re getting anything back from it. But again, that’s one of your successes. But for me, it’s knowing that people care about what I do. Because sometimes as a business owner, you’re like, you wake up one day, you’re like, why am I doing this? Like, let’s get away, and then all of a sudden, you get an email, or you get a call, and someone tells you this story, you never heard from this person, but they’ve been following you secretly. And they tell you like they’ve been following you for years. You’re like, Oh, my gosh, this is why I’m doing it, you know.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah. One of the lessons my dad told me is that, you know, you never know who’s watching?

Sienna Sinclair: No, you don’t.

Julian Hayes II: So, I always keep that in mind…

Sienna Sinclair: You never know who someone is meaning, because he’s a hairdresser, meaning like, working at a because I used to work in food and beverage, I was a bartender, don’t ever judge people by the way they look or what they’re wearing, meaning tip wise, know, our color or race or anything, you know, or being a female or something, you know, they always say females don’t tip as much, you know, I always treated people the same. So, what if that girl didn’t tip that much. But guess what the next few more might tip me big, you know, such as treatment. So, it’s the same way with my business I run it today too.

Julian Hayes II: And the next thing is, what are maybe two to three books that have had a big impact on your life? 

Sienna Sinclair: Well, this is one book that I do not know the name of it. But when I lived in DC, maybe 2006. Oh, it was a book on how to make different types of income. And this is what I’ve always said, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. But it told you to write down 10 things that you absolutely love to do. Like, hobbies, whatever that you love to do. And then look at those last five, and then narrow the things down that you could turn into a business. And then really narrow down to three things. And that’s what I did before I started my business. I narrowed it down to three things. And that’s where I came up with travel, sex, and history.

Julian Hayes II: Combining all three your passions.

Sienna Sinclair: Yeah, and but again, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. So, I have many sources of income coming in. Because guess what, during COVID, it worked out for me if I’d only been hosting my naughty parties, and COVID hits I’d be screwed. But because I had all these other ways with my sex coaching, I was able to do more zoom classes. My clothing line during COVID took off. I mean, it took off. And my naughty parties non-existent. You know, no money for my naughty parties. So yes, that book from 15-20 years ago, you know, it really helped me. Little did I know there be COVID but you know, to have different forms of income. But that is one of the I mean, I always refer people that book, I just cannot remember it.

Julian Hayes II: Well, I think you explained the concept and that concept is just as good. You just gave a book summary, which is just as good. 

Sienna Sinclair: Yeah. I mean, that’s really the main book. I’ve read some other books, but that’s my main book I was thinking about.

Julian Hayes II: Yeah, I like that. And what are your top five, what’s your musical starting five? And that could be dead or alive? Who are your five go to?

Sienna Sinclair: Are we talking about genres? 

Julian Hayes II: Let’s do artists and groups. It can be either or artists or groups. It can be a mixture; they can be dead or alive. It doesn’t matter.

Sienna Sinclair: It’s really hard because I’m really big into genres.

Julian Hayes II: Okay, you want to be genres. Let’s do genres. Let’s do genres.

Sienna Sinclair: This is really great. Because I love way too much music. Okay, so my favorite of all time just has to be jazz. I love jazz. I love Bossa Nova. I love all different types of jazz. So, Frank Sinatra is my favorite. Melody Gardot, Michael Bublé you know, all the greats.

Julian Hayes II: Oh, yeah, you speak my language.

Sienna Sinclair: That’s my first genre. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I play some type of jazz music. If we’re going to go into just fun my second favorite 80s, anything 80s music. Put on an 80s cruise every year. Not this year because of COVID but it’s one week of 80s bands from the actual 80s you know, like the decade. They’re still alive. VJs everybody has stuff if you ever go to my Instagram page and see my 80s cruise, so 80s. if I’m not listening to jazz, I’m listening to 80s and I’m dancing at and then there’s my favorite 90s R&B. I do not like 90s anything else except for R&B. I love Motown. I do. I will put that into my 90s R&B kind of Motown but something about that decade. The artists like Joe and R. Kelly and Ralph Tresvant you know, their music is so soulful. It’s like music you have sex too. And then my other ones I love Arabic music. Love it. Love it. Love it. I belly dance. Just I love music from other cultures are different. Like I said the bossa nova, Arabic. Love me some Indian music too. I just I love anything that is cultured in different so that’s kind of my thing.

Julian Hayes II: Are you got some of the best music tastes out of all my guests so far. Yeah, so…

Sienna Sinclair: Favorite girl band is Indigo Girls. That’s my all-time favorite is Indigo Girls.

Julian Hayes II: Alright, so that’s a good way to bookmark this conversation. Sienna, thank you so much for joining me. Where can listeners keep up with your many adventures?

Sienna Sinclair: You can go… if you’re looking for something naughty SiennaSinclair.com. If you’re looking for fashion, nughtygirl.com.

Julian Hayes II: So, all your needs will be met with one of your websites and I will have all this in the show notes. Once again. Sienna Thank you. And to the listeners out there stay awesome. Be limitless and go be superhuman. Peace.