82: Making Your Life and Health Pandemic Proof | Mental Model Monday

Episode 82: Making Your Life and Health Pandemic Proof | Mental Model Monday

Welcome to episode 82 of Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs.

Many have struggled to maintain their weight during the pandemic. Besides maintaining your weight, entrepreneurs still have a business to run and this year has most likely presented some unique challenges. the pandemic is a stressor to not only your business, but also your health and life. While most people are anchored down and just waiting for it to pass over, this isn’t something that high performers can afford to do. It’s the coronavirus now, but what about the next event? And that’s what this episode is all about: making your life and health pandemic proof.

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  • 3 key habits to pandemic proofing yourself
  • And much more

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A.I. Transcript (very little editing so not exact):

Julian 00:00:06 Welcome to another episode of optimal health for busy entrepreneurs. I’m your host, Julian Hayes II. And this is a mental model Monday. And what we’re talking about today is making your life and health pandemic proof. So when chaos, distractions, or even moments where you don’t know what’s to come down the road is knocking at your door, your healthy habits is often the first thing to disappear. While it’s easy to get emotionally swept in the current moment of uncertainty and distractions. Part of being a high-performer, becoming superhuman is rising to the occasion during these very moments. It’s in these very moments of chaos and uncertainty that people need you the most, but, and it’s the big caveat before you can serve others, whether it’s in your business, your team, or even your family, you must serve yourself. You must fill your bucket up and put your oxygen mask on first.
Julian 00:01:16 And this starts with pandemic proofing your life and health. So as you look to accomplish this, there’s a gazillion potential habits that you could implement, but I want you to focus on three high-yielding ones for right now. And the very first one is to adopt the 90/90 rule. If you take a quick look at our default environment, it’s not conducive for a high-performance life. Whether it’s the food environment, that’s full of tasty and convenient foods that lack any substance, or the business environment, that’s littered with distractions around every corner, providing these pleasurable hits of dopamine nonstop, but they offer very little long-term dividends. You must be mindful of your daily operations and reign control of your daily operations. This starts with you taking control of your schedule, specifically the bookends to your day, morning, and night. For the first high-performance habit to pandemic proofing your life and health are to commit to establishing a priming and regeneration routine.
Julian 00:02:25 So your priming routine is the morning habits that are essential for specifically you and these habits are priming you and helping you be ready to perform at your best that day. So think of this as priming your body and your brain for a day of high-performance. And on the opposite end of the spectrum is the regeneration routine. This is where you’ll commit to the habits that will best help your brain and body relax and recharge from a long day. So in a pandemic or a crazy busy work season, or any sort of hectic period, if you don’t take control of your time, something else will fill the void. And it’s a guarantee that your goals and especially your health, aren’t going to be one of the candidates to fill that void. So as we think about priming and regeneration routine, pretend the first and last 90 minutes of your day as a movie script, jot down verbatim your script, which in this case could be things such as connecting with your loved ones.
Julian 00:03:30 It could be journaling, meditating, planning out your training and your nutrition, preparing or even reflecting for that day, or anything else that is going to help you show up as the best version of yourself. A successful day starts the night before. So now to habit number two, establish boundaries and parameters. So in these times of uncertainty right now, these hectic times, these stressful times, it’s easy and it’s quite natural to develop. And in the process, you can let this outweigh your own needs. And this is how a martyr is born, but on the opposite end, on the opposite end of the spectrum, the high performer, the superhuman, they will avoid this martyr trap because they know over the long call that only when their bucket is full, will they be the most effective? So even in these times, right now that we’re in, even with all the stressful distractions, the uncertainty, the unknowns, high performers are strategically selfish to ensure that they show up as the best version of themselves. Being strategically selfish ensures that your emotional and your mental wellbeing is taken to account.
Julian 00:04:56 And when you have your mental and your emotional wellbeing taken into account, that is going to physically help you as well. And if you think about this for a few seconds, your emotions and mindset can serve as your biggest competitive advantage, or this could be the very thing that anchors you down from getting what you want most out of life. So to ensure that your bucket remains full and overflows, establish personal boundaries and routines to guard your mental and emotional energy, as you establish these boundaries and these routines, the average person, when you say this to them, the regular human, they might see this as being dull. It’s rigid, it’s robotic, it’s suffocating to them, but it’s the opposite for the high performer. You see, establishing boundaries, routines, principles, and rules helps to conserve, helps to be much more efficient and effective throughout the day.
Julian 00:06:01 This helps create the necessary discipline needed for a successful life, regardless of what’s going on in the world. As the former Navy seal commander and author Jocko Willink states “discipline equals freedom.” And you can also add sustained peak performance to this equation. “Discipline equals sustained peak performance.” So with uncertainty and heightened stress, you can experience the feeling of losing control. But when you establish these boundaries and rules, you’re going to bring more certainty to your life, even though you may be living in a very uncertain time. So take some time today, jot down four to six core values to your everyday life. Put those in your wallet, or on a little notecard if you need to, and there’s no need to overcomplicate this. This could be something as simple as having a designated writing time, a meditating time and exercise time, or just some values, things that you stand for to remind yourself of what is most important to you.
Julian 00:07:02 So for the last one, habit, number three is to reflect before acting. So the natural inclination, whether it’s with life or business during these uncertain times, times of struggle, times of stress, no matter what it is, it’s often the default to just work harder. And this may seem paradoxical, but the very opposite it’s the actual antidote. The more chaotic life feels, the more urgent life is becoming, the more pivotal it is for you to slow down and recalibrate before doing anything else. It’s imperative to reflect because you’re most likely in a heightened, emotional state, and this could cloud your decision-making. It’s counter intuitive, but reflection and inquiry, not the action itself is what makes the difference for top performers. Think of yourself as if you’re an NBA all-star, reflection and inquiry is watching the film and studying your opponent’s tendencies. The action itself is merely playing the game.
Julian 00:08:08 And that should be second nature. Along with you operating off of what you have studied in the film room. The high performer is the same as the all-star. So when taking action, when taking strides during these times that we’re in right now, it’s only done after you inquire after you reflect, or as we say, study the film only after this is when it’s time to take action. Doing so prevents you from acting out of randomness and using hope as a strategy, which as a top performer, you can not afford to do because you’re already living in such a time-constraint life. Many people hope and guess about their health. They don’t study beforehand. And this is why they’re on a proverbial seesaw. When it comes to their health, a few months are good and then a few months are bad. This can not be you. So when you adopt this philosophy of reflecting before acting, you’re operating with the utmost precision towards your challenges, and this applies to your business, your relationships, and your health. This saves you time in the long run, because you’re less likely to implement plans that were doomed to fail in the long term. So pausing and creating space, this serves as your biggest gift, because it allows you to have the time and space necessary to see the different angles and insights to your current problems and obstacles. So uncertainty may be widespread right now.
Julian 00:09:41 Anxiety may be ratcheting up at all time levels around you right now. But if you have your core high-performance habits anchored down, you are becoming pandemic proof and you won’t be blown off shore from the inevitable, tough and uncertain moments of life that is bound to appear. So with that said, stay awesome, be limitless, and go be superhuman. Peace.