38: Break Through Your Financial and Emotional Glass Ceilings & Rewire Your Brain with Melissa Kim Corter

Melissa Kim Corter Break Through Your Financial and Emotional Glass Ceilings & Rewire Your Brain

Welcome to episode 38 of Optimal Health for Busy Entrepreneurs.

What if I told you that the 10-year-old version of yourself could be the very thing that is stopping you from taking it to the next level in health, love, business, and life in general.

Sounds crazy, but my guest today, Melissa Kim Corter is stopping by for an in-depth conversation to discuss this very topic, and in general, discuss rewiring our mind so we can unlock our human potential. Melissa helps entrepreneurs shatter their limiting beliefs and mental blocks. With a background in psychology and spirituality, Melissa has a unique (and practical) approach to helping entrepreneurs.

This is my longest episode to date because the conversation got deep and very in-depth—I learned a lot (and am still digesting some of the things she discussed). This conversation is doubly important with our current times as negativity is running rampant amongst society and scarcity thinking is becoming a dominant way of thinking. This episode was packed with jewels and will definitely help shatter some of your emotional and financial barriers. Here’s more info on Melissa:

Melissa Kim Corter is a certified hypnotherapist, author, and speaker. She works with entrepreneurs to break through financial and emotional barriers blocking them from achieving their business and personal goals. Melissa combines her background in psychology and spirituality in a unique manner; she has a gift for discovering self-sabotaging patterns and cycles (she calls emotional blind spots) within the nervous system and subconscious mind. Melissa speaks and teaches extensively on the body, breath, intuition, and beliefs and the interwoven connections between them.

She has successfully applied her teachings and process to countless clients including authors, speakers, artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Her work helps them transform limiting beliefs and mental blocks so they may move forward in their businesses. Her work allows her clients to discover their message, how to apply value to it, and creatively deliver the message to the world. She believes we all have unique gifts and Melissa loves helping people discover and monetize them.

Listen to the episode here:

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Lessons from Melissa’s childhood and how that shaped her adult life
  • What is EFT
  • How to get started with EFT and how to approach it daily (for my Type-A people 😉
  • The dark sides (and paradox) of success
  • Handling your invisible influencers
  • Impostor syndrome
  • How our childhood could be sabotaging our fitness, financial, and relationship goals
  • Rewiring your brain and navigating life during COVID
  • Why you should start celebrating your wins more (even the smallest ones)
  • How to handle those moments when you feel less than, are fearful, and discouraged about life
  • Her musical starting 5
  • Her 3 recommendations to becoming a Superhuman Entrepreneur
  • And much more

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