Welcome! I’m Julian Hayes II, an Executive Health Consultant, an Epigenetic Atelier, and an Author.

Inside this boutique firm

We create and implement bespoke, holistic strategies for investors, executives, and entrepreneurs to precisely upgrade their entire human system, be ageless, stay at the top of their game, and create generational health and wealth so they can run around with their great-great-grandchildren.

I want to have everything in life. I believe there’s nothing I can’t have.

I. Am. Limitless.

You too, can have everything in life. There’s nothing you can’t have.

You. Are. Limitless.

You can have it all. You can feel as healthy as you are successful for the rest of your life.

I’m here to help you unlock your human potential. To become superhuman in life and business.

My specialty is taking people where they currently are and providing them with the tools to get to where they ultimately want to go: the most enhanced version of themselves.

And this starts with optimizing your health

Health is your most valuable currency. Optimal health is the connector for getting the highest results out of life. Pretend your health is the head of the octopus and the tentacles are the other facets of your life. Without the head, the tentacles aren’t going to operate to their fullest capabilities.

With all of this said, I didn’t grow up drinking green smoothies or liberally pouring olive oil over my codfish. Genetic testing, qEEG’s and other human performance testing modalities sounded like science fiction. 

My brief origin story & why I do what I do

“That’s just that way things are” was my reasoning for nearly everything in my life at one point in time.

I had a shitty diet, was skinny, lanky, weak, and thought my potential had a glass ceiling over it. I thought for the longest that my future was determined due to my genetics. In essence, I felt I had very little control over my life.

Becoming fatter, dumber, slower, colder, worsening skin, and a steady loss of muscle mass was what I could look forward to once I hit 30.

However, thanks to chance encounters, comic books, paradigm-shifting mental models, self-experimentation, and of course, women—I changed the narrative for my health, energy, and most importantly, my life.

And to this day, I have 1 simple question that serves as my north star: “What’s Next?”

And that question is also the main motivator for me doing the work I do. Human potential is limitless. I believe you can have anything you want. But to have a chance of getting that “thing” you most want, it starts with optimizing & enhancing your entire human system.

Optimal health is the vehicle that provides the opportunity to live a limitless life.

My background

I’ve been involved with the health and performance world for over a decade now from both an academic standpoint, and even more important, a real-world setting of working with actual humans—not merely theorizing concepts.

In addition to a master’s obtained while in medical school for one year, I hold specialty certifications in nutrition, sleep science, and epigenetics. I had my own column at Inc, where I’ve written nearly 200 columns. You can see my articles on nutrition, sleep, energy management, human performance & productivity, and building a mindset that’s a lethal weapon in Entrepreneur, SUCCESS, Chief Executive, Chief Learning Officer, Business Insider, The Chicago Tribune, MindBodyGreen, CEOWorld Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project,, The Nashville Business Journal, Fox News, Addicted to Success, and numerous blogs.

I’ve also spoken and consulted with other small businesses on wellness and performance while occasionally appearing on television and being interviewed on numerous podcasts. Lastly, I’m the author of the book ‘Body Architect: A Real-World Guide to Ignite Your Fitness, Look Awesome Naked, Quiet the Inner Voices of Self-Doubt, & Design a Lifestyle on Your Own Terms.

Daytime television show discussing my book ‘Body Architect’

Speaking of podcasts, I love adding value, sharing stories and insights with listeners. Here’s a podcast one-sheet with a few select topics in which I can bring value plus my press and publication + podcast page with a playlist that contains a large sample of my interviews over the years below.

I read that art itself derives from a root that means to “join” or “fit together”—that is, to make or craft, a sense that survives in phrases like the art of cooking. Hence why ‘The Art of Fitness & Life’ was adopted for a name.

Expect my writings to cross-pollinate ideas from a wealth of disciplines, and then, combine and recombine those pieces into something that provides an insight to helping you live a more optimized life.

What makes me different?

Living a demanding and unique lifestyle requires a unique approach to having you at your best each and every day. Here are some unique measures that I take inside my practice.

Systems-based thinking — The human body is complex. While most people operate with a reductionist mentality, not here. Systems-based thinking is applied here, which equates to a holistic viewpoint that takes into consideration each aspect of the human system before making decisions.

Genomics — Unlocking your unique DNA code is at the foundation of my programs. Your DNA gives clues to your past and epigenetics will mold your future. By discovering what makes you uniquely you, the guesswork to helping you live, feel, and perform better is dramatically mitigated.

Technology & Data — Leveraging wearable technology for daily monitoring and feedback along with various state of the art analysis and assessments allows you to stay on track and hit specific KPI’s.

High touch N of 1 approach — No more trial & error approach nor using “hope” as your strategy. You have unique and specific needs to optimize your human system. A “one-size-fits-all” approach isn’t going to cut it. Expect to be equipped with a precise roadmap in a strategic systems-based way that will help you undergo a comprehensive upgrade to every aspect of your life while reaching and sustaining true peak physiological and cognitive performance.

Built for humans who want to live “the good life — I like to have my fair share of fun and adventures. After all, what good is being superhuman if you can’t enjoy life? This is why I prioritize crafting a gameplan that not only gets you results, but also, more importantly, keeps a lifestyle you love.

I give 95% of my stuff away for free — Most health coaches have droves of clients and rely on volume to survive. Therefore, you’ll most likely be handed some cookie-cutter template. I’m the opposite. I like to go deep, far beyond surface-level principles, which is why I keep my roster small (and give away most of my materials for free).

I focus on the long term and big picture — My mission is to construct and provide the tools to guide you to becoming the most enhanced version of yourself in the most efficient and effective way possible. I eliminate shiny objects and tactics—everything included has a precise purpose to it.

Other random facts you may like to know about me:

  • I aim for precision in everything.
  • Living in New York City for 1 year changed the entire trajectory of my life—the best money spent I didn’t have.
  • I left the pursuit of medicine behind after 1 year and a big part was due to meeting a random girl while drinking a Caipirinha—I forgot to ask for her number.
  • I didn’t have a salad until I was 20.
  • I’m either all in or all out—this has mostly been beneficial in my life.
  • I absolutely love salsa, bachata, and kizomba—one of these days, I’ll be a lethal weapon on the dance floor.
  • I believe the standard idea of “aging” is a joke and living beyond 120 with fully functional health along with no physical limitations or mental declines will be the norm sooner, rather than later.
  • While I have exquisite taste in music, my choice of movies isn’t that good.
  • My top 10 musical groups/individuals: Marvin Gaye, Jamiroquai, Earth Wind, & Fire, Lenny Kravitz, Miles Davis, The Isley Brothers, John Coltrane, Eliane Elias, Quincy Jones, and Frank Sinatra