39: Building a Limitless Mindset and Changing The Supplement Industry with Matt Wan

Building a Limitless Mindset and Changing The Supplement Industry with Matt Wan

Welcome to episode 39 of Optimal Health for Busy Entrepreneurs.

Whether it’s building a high performing body or a high performing company, it all starts with your mission. And my guest today, Matt Wan, Founder, and CEO at Momentous, is on a mission to change the supplement industry. Momentous is a sports nutrition startup dedicated to creating no-compromise products and tools that support the continuous improvement of personal performance.

Matt co-founded the company in 2017 with MTV’s Rob Dyrdek and later dropped out of Harvard to pursue startups full-time. Besides getting into Matt’s origin story, we’re diving into lessons he’s learned from top performers ranging from professional athletes to venture capitalists and much more. Here’s more info about Matt.

Matt Wan is the Founder of Momentous, a premium performance nutrition company focused on quality, sourcing, and transparency that is used by over 60 elite teams including the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Yankees, and Boston Celtics. Having grown up between the worlds of professional athletes and venture capitalists, Wan was deeply exposed to high-performance lifestyles, and before finishing high-school looked to create a brand to serve that mentality, and a business in an industry he saw as ripe for disruption. Matt was so driven to launch Momentous that he dropped out of Harvard University and quickly aligned himself with a high-performance team of product engineers and investors to launch a line of NSF-certified products with a mission to help people become the best version of themselves.

Matt is also now the host of his own podcast, The Momentous Podcast, where he interviews leaders in sports, coaching, and business to discuss the endless pursuit of progress. Some guest highlights include Academy Award winner Jimmy Chin, NFL Tight End Kyle Rudolph, NBA All-Star Jrue Holiday, MTV Star and Entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek, and Free Soloist Alex Honnold.

Listen to the episode here:

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Lessons from his father
  • His initial spark to start Momentous
  • Lessons from professional athletes and venture capitalists lifestyles
  • The philosophy behind standing out in the supplement industry (applicable to any highly-competitive industry)
  • A simple philosophy to keep growing each day in health and business
  • Matt’s current training regimen
  • The benefits of podcasting, especially for entrepreneurs (it goes further than you think)
  • Matt’s big lessons from the various high performers he’s interviewed
  • And much more

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