101: Laura Brandao on Finding Your Superpower, Saying “Yes” Every Day, and Becoming The Most Influential Business Woman to Watch

Finding Your Superpower, Saying “Yes” Every Day and Becoming The Most Influential Business Woman to Follow

Welcome to episode 101 of Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs.

We have author, coveted speaker, and the President and only woman partner of American Financial Resources, Inc., a national mortgage lender, Laura Brandao, stopping by for a fascinating discussion on finding your superpower, the magic of saying “yes” every day and building the life and career of your dreams. With a lengthy list of accolades, including the Most Influential Businesswoman to Watch in 2021, plus inspiring everyone she meets with her passion and positivity, Laura lives by the philosophy that “the only person that can limit you is you.”

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  • Laura’s origin story
  • How Laura got into the mortgage industry
  • Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset
  • Why using the one simple word “yet” is so powerful
  • Laura’s superpower (and how she found it)
  • How to start searching for your superpower
  • What leadership really comes down to (it’s a lot simpler than you think)
  • Finding true fulfillment
  • The origin of saying “yes” every day and why you should as well
  • Why being told “no” as an executive was the best thing to happen to Laura
  • About building a top 10 Mortgage company
  • Why women can have both career and family
  • The most important investment to deposit into daily
  • Laura’s typical routine to stay healthy and sharp
  • Why the mortgage industry is so special
  • And much more

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