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My name is Julian Hayes II. Welcome to The Art of Fitness & Life, where the mission is to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives seamlessly marry health and business.

Our big vision: “A world where aging is optional and you’re running around with your great-great-grandchildren, not just seeing them.”


It’s time to rethink how we go about our health

Even with many accomplishments and financial success, many entrepreneurs and executives don’t have the physical success that matches their financial success because of the dark sides of success and not using solutions tailored to their unique biology and demanding lifestyle.

Entrepreneurs and executives need a precise roadmap and system that accommodates their unique biology and demanding lifestyle so they can make aging irrelevant, focus on what they do best, and experience life to its fullest.

This is why, unlike other health and fitness people out there that rely on hope and a one-size-fits-all approach, we’re a high-touch and high-tech firm that provides complete support and leaves nothing to chance through a comprehensive and detailed N of 1 approach based on your unique biology. Entrepreneurs live a unique lifestyle, and therefore, need a unique and precise solution to maximize their time and health.

I would love to explore how we can help your listeners optimize their brains and bodies, enhance their health, and expand their human capacity without the guesswork through precision performance and wellness strategies. Here’s a playlist that contains a large sample of my interviews over the years.

Below are some of the various press and publications that I’ve had the opportunity to work with through writing, speaking, tv, and interviews. Concerning your podcast or radio show, a few ideas/main areas of focus that could be of interest and combined are:

  • Run Your Body Like A Business: How to Match Your Physical Success With Your Financial Success
  • Growing Younger and Wiser: 5 Steps to Make Aging Irrelevant While Elevating Your Status & Performance
  • Why Fitness is Hard For Entrepreneurs (and What to Do About It)
  • Sleep Well to Perform, Lead, Love, and Live Better
  • Nutrition for Busy Entrepreneurs
  • Leveraging Technology to Thrive in Health and Business
  • Achieving Your Health Goals Faster While Stressing Less

Short Bio

Julian Hayes II is an author, an executive health consultant, and the founder of The Art of Fitness & Life. His mission is to help entrepreneurs elevate their status and upgrade their entire human system so they can run around with their great-great-grandchildren—not just see them. This mission is accomplished through leveraging their unique D.N.A., data-driven health metrics, N of 1 personalized programming, high-tech toys, and a performance team.

He’s also the host of Optimal Health for Busy Entrepreneurs and has written extensively at many of the world’s largest publications such as Inc, Entrepreneur, SUCCESS & many more.

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Podcast Interviews/Appearances (not in order nor includes all appearances)

Time To Shine Today Podcast: Become Superhuman in Life and Business Without the Guesswork

The Drop-in Ceo Podcast: Creating More Energy and Longevity with Julian Hayes II

Lifelong Wellness Podcast: Using Modern Technology To Achieve Your Fitness Goals With Julian Hayes II

Antifool Podcast: Maximizing Health Optimization through Epigenetics w/ Julian Hayes II

The Maverick Paradox Podcast: Slow Down to Speed Up — Epigenetics

The Leading While Green Podcast: Maximizing Your Health with Julian Hayes II

No Rain…No Rainbows Podcast: How To Become Limitless In Life & In Business

The One Big Tip Podcast: E84 – Julian Hayes II | Founder of The Art of Fitness & Life

Going North Podcast: 114 – “The Art of Fitness & Life” with Julian Hayes II

Twelve Minute Convos Podcast:

School of Purpose Podcast:

Try Biz School (I Am The One Podcast):

Business, Life, & Coffee Podcast: Your Health is an Investment, Not an Expense

Slacker Ambition Podcast: The Art of Fitness and Life w/ Julian Hayes II

The Wellness Cafe: The Art of Fitness With The Body Architect: Julian Hayes II

Ambitious Entrepreneur: Why the ‘Hustling-At-All-Costs’ Model is Working Backward

As Told By Nomads: The Art of Fitness & Life with Julian Hayes II

MenProvement Podcast: How to Get In Shape (Even If You’re Busy) With Julian Hayes

Hack The Process Podcast: Discover Your Inner Fitness Superhero With Julian Hayes

The Rebel Health Coach Podcast: How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep (& Why It’s So Important) — With Julian Hayes II

The Entrepreneur Way: When You Have a Why, That Can Get You Through Anything with Julian Hayes II

Men of Abundance Podcast: Move Often and Trust Your Gut to Live a Life of Abundance With Julian Hayes II

Fear Not Podcast: Julian Hayes II teaches how to understand and manage fear

Business Owners Freedom Formula Show: Put Your Sleep & Nutrition on Auto-Pilot

Enrich Your Soul: Health & The Importance of Sleep

5 O’Clock Hustle: Sleep Your Way to Success

Selfish Podcast: The Art of Fitness & Life

Exploring Mind and Body: Energize Through Sleep

Enterprise Now: The Power of Being Human. Wake Up Loving It

Heart & Hustle: Health for Maximum Productivity

Inc. (nearly 200 columns)

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Nashville Business Journal (NBJ)

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No Excuses: Improve Your Health, Productivity – July 2017


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News Channel 5 Talk of the Town (Nashville’s #1 midday show): “Body Architect” Developing Healthy Habits – Story – WTVF — June 2016

Written Interviews

Julian Hayes II Explains the Art of Success Through Fitness — Business Innovators Magazine

Millennials Making A Difference: Julian Hayes — The Wilson Post

Speaking (*all not shared)

Why Sleep Matters — Mount Juliet Chamber of Commerce — October 10th, 2017

Becoming The Fit Entrepreneur Training — Nashville Entrepreneur Center  in Nashville, Tennessee – June 1s, 2016

Nutrition Training – Nashville Fitness Center  in Nashville, Tennessee – February 25th, 2016

Weight Loss Training – Nashville Fitness Center in Nashville, Tennessee – February 11th, 2016