88: Florence Williams on Leveraging Nature to Make Us Healthier, Smarter, and Happier

Florence Williams on Leveraging Nature to Make Us Healthier, Smarter, and Happier

Welcome to episode 88 of Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs.

We have journalist, author, and podcaster Florence Williams dropping by for a fascinating discussion on nature and its intimate connection to our mood and overall health. She is a contributing editor at Outside Magazine and a freelance writer for the New York Times, New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, The New York Review of Books, Slate, Mother Jones, and numerous other publications. If that isn’t enough, she’s the host of two Gracie-Award-winning Audible Original series plus the author of BREASTS: A Natural and Unnatural History and The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier and More Creative.

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  • Florence’s origin story
  • Why Central Park is so magical
  • Surprising revelations from writing the Nature Fix
  • How nature makes you a better person
  • What’s the urban health penalty
  • The 3 sounds the human brain positively responds to
  • How nature is defined (and why it matters)
  • Nature and its connection to our health
  • A discussion on the 3-day effect
  • What’s forest bathing
  • The benefits of exercising in the park (backed by research)
  • An optimal dose of weekly nature exposure
  • A discussion on walking and its many benefits and meanings
  • Florence’s nature routine
  • A brief discussion on classical music and some of our favorite artists {Meditation from Jules Massenet’s Thaïs is one of my favs—Here’s my favorite rendition by Nicola Benedetti to check out: Spotify & Youtube}
  • And much more

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