9: Optimize Your Sleep by Leveraging Sound with Dan Gartenberg

Welcome to episode 9 of Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs.

I reached out to today’s guest, Dr. Daniel Gartenberg after I stumbled upon his app Sonic Sleep and read a few articles of his. His app Sonic Sleep is now compatible with all the best wearables.

I’m excited to share this conversation around sleep because Daniel has conducted research and developed technology based on the science of sound, light, temperature, and relaxation to help you sleep better.

Dan, aka Dr. Snooze, is the co-founder and CEO of Sonic Sleep and also an adjunct assistant professor at Penn State University. With a background in cognitive psychology and expertise in sleep, A.I., and preventive health, he has spent most of his career focused on improving sleep health.

Listen to the episode here:

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Wearables and measuring sleep
  • Why “sleep need” includes both quantity and quality
  • How sleep changes as you chronologically age
  • Leveraging sound to improve your sleep
  • And much more

Resources featured in this episode:

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