23: 2 Simple Truths You Need to Embrace for Optimal Health and Energy During Challenging Times

Welcome to episode 23 of Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs.

I’m excited about today’s episode because we’re going back to the fundamentals for creating more energy and maximizing our human performance.

These two simple, but fundamental truths I’m sharing today are even more paramount during these challenging and uncertain times.

In challenging times, our businesses are under siege, but so is our health and energy. And our energy isn’t just a matter of food and exercise. If anything, for entrepreneurs, one of the biggest energy drainers and threats to our health is the mental and emotional stress that accumulates throughout the day (and ultimately the course of weeks).

With that said, don’t forget my free upcoming training about the ‘5 Keys to Building a Resilient Immune System and Thriving During Challenging (and Uncertain) Times.’

In today’s episode, I’m not only sharing these two simple truths, but I’m also sharing how to practically implement each one.

Listen to the episode here:

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How you are uniquely connected to the other 7.8 billion people in the world
  • 3 stages we all go through in challenging and uncertain times
  • The biggest energy drainers and threats to entrepreneurs and leaders
  • 1 powerful question to ask yourself for supreme clarity
  • The 2 simple truths and how to practically implement them
  • My free live virtual training for entrepreneurs and leaders
  • And much more

Resources featured in this episode:

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