18: Living Beyond 120 + How to Handle COVID-19 with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden

Welcome to episode 18 of Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs.

Today’s medical system isn’t a health care system. It’s instead, a sick care system. Insurance helps when you’re sick, not if you’re aiming for optimal health and achieving maximum performance.

Today’s guest, Dr. Jeffrey Gladden is someone who is well-versed in the bureaucracy of the health care system. During his mid-fifties, things took a turn for the worse for Dr. Gladden, personally and professionally. Despite eating what he thought was a healthy diet and exercising regularly, he became very fatigued, to the point that he could hardly get out of bed. Stress and anxiety led to bouts of depression. He was getting burned out on traditional medicine, as it became more and more scripted, focused on compliance, and less about exploring creative and resourceful means of caring for patients.

Fast forward to today and Dr. Gladden has turned back the clock as he’s performing as if he’s in his early 30’s. He’s the founder of Apex which is a concierge medical practice and the co-host of Living Beyond 120. Here’s more information about Dr. Gladden:

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden graduated from Temple University School of Medicine with Honors. In 1988, Dr. Gladden went into private practice in Dallas, Texas and subsequently formed his own cardiology group in 1996, Advanced Heart Care.

Dr. Gladden has devoted his energy and attention to developing Apex HHPLO, a cutting-edge concierge medical practice. Apex is a transformative program that sources the best and most actionable emerging technologies and merges them with more widely known approaches to help answer Apex’s empowering question, “How Good Can You Be?” Utilizing this approach has enabled Dr. Gladden and Apex HHPLO participants to turn back the functional clock, optimize their health, and recapture levels of performance previously thought to be lost. It has set the stage to change the trajectory of aging by optimizing health and enabling a robust life that extends decades beyond the norm.

At the age of 65, his body performs at the level he did in his 30s. His passion is to optimize current-day performance – mentally and physically, in addition to emotionally and spiritually – and utilize that as a base for a trajectory of longevity, while utilizing new advances as they emerge.

Listen to the episode here:

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • What Dr. Gladden and his clients (and myself) are doing to address the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Normally healthy foods to avoid consuming during this time
  • How to boost your immune system during this time
  • The powerful decision Dr. Gladden is making concerning the coronavirus and why we should do something similar
  • Why doubling down on meditation and exercising could be the decision you make during the quarantine
  • The moment in Dr. Gladden’s 50’s where his paradigm was shifted
  • Why today’s healthcare system is really more of a sick care system
  • How entrepreneurs and even some athletes are aging themselves more quickly
  • How to start turning back the clock (physiologically, not chronologically)
  • How Dr. Gladden trains and why he places a focus on Vo2 max
  • Why you should do more cardio (not Orangetheory nor HIIT)
  • And much more

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