16: Freestyle Friday – Leading and Maintaining Your Health…Even in The Midst of Chaos

Welcome to episode 16 of Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs.

The majority of the world is in quarantine. And as the days begin to blend into each other, it’s easy to fall into a malaise. To let your sword dull.

And of course, the next domino to fall is your health.

And that’s the point of focus in this mini-episode for freestyle Friday.

Today’s episode is about leading and maintaining your health even in the midst of chaos (or any other storm)

And in this episode, I’ll share 2 practical steps that you can implement immediately.

Listen to the episode here:

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How some people are spending their time in quarantine and why you must do the opposite
  • The unconventional habit that should be the first action you take amidst a crises
  • 2 simple actions to protect your mental health during a time of uncertainty

Resources featured in this episode:

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