Would You Like to Become the Most Enhanced Version of Yourself...and Become Physically, Mentally, & Emotionally Superior to Normal Human Beings Without the Guesswork?

If so, I have good news — I can help you take care of that and much more.

Welcome to the Superhuman Optimization & Enhancement Program

A high-end concierge program where you'll undergo a comprehensive upgrade to every aspect of your life while reaching and sustaining true peak physiological and cognitive performance.

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How Much Time, Money, and Impact Are You Losing Every Day By Not Being At Your Best?

Dear future superhuman,

Would you like to have energy on demand? How about moving at a faster pace and operating with an unfair advantage? Or simply reaching and sustaining true peak physiological and cognitive performance while living your perfect life?

I'm going to assume yes.

And with 10+ years of experience in health and performance while working with numerous business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders, I'm going to assume several things:

You're an extremely busy person who has a lot of ambition.

You're an extremely generous person who values impact (and growth).

You work hard (and like to play hard as well).

Your levels of productivity and achievements are far superior to a "normal" individuals.

But, this lifestyle has come at a cost and it's slowly beginning to take a toll on you.

Your energy and stamina are no longer what they once were.

If you're being honest with yourself, your performance in the bedroom and boardroom isn't close to your peak.

You have some stubborn weight that won't go away.

You're more irritable.

You're not as mentally sharp and have a noticeable decrease in swagger—something just isn't right.

If this is you and you continually find yourself dabbling with tactics, spending precious time and energy "researching" tips...and hoping it will work out this time...we need to talk.

You Don't Have a Predictable, Comprehensive, and Precise Health & High Performance Program Based on Your Specific DNA

I get it — you have a million things to do inside your business, a plethora of personal responsibilities which leads to your health and energy being neglected...and ultimately a coin toss.

Some days you feel great. Other days (in actuality, more often than not), you don't have the necessary level of energy to perform at your best which trickles down to affecting your performance (in both the bedroom and boardroom), your confidence, your outlook on life, and your relationships.

As a high performer with grand ambitions to achieve what normal human beings "deem the impossible", you'll have to ignore the everyday popular advice to become superhuman in life and business.

Let me help you create a precise roadmap to guide you from where you currently are to where you ultimately want to go: the most enhanced version of yourself.

Inside this concierge service, I'll help you undergo a comprehensive upgrade to every aspect of your life by leveraging your genetics. Nothing will be left to chance.

Become Superhuman in Life and Business

By Leveraging Your Unique Genetics to Become Superhuman—Expect to...

  • Enhance your energy so you can perform at your best and enjoy the physically demanding hobbies you've long since given up
  • Enhance your sex drive so you can maximize your intimate relationships
  • Enhance your confidence and sense of personal fulfillment due to having a body that reflects who you feel like on the inside
  • Enhance your cognition and focus so high performance becomes an everyday reality
  • Enhance hormones such as testosterone so you can live a fully optimized life
  • Enhance your lifestyle design so you can have the swagger that leads to an infectious vibe others can't look away from
  • Enhance the likelihood of youthful longevity so you can spend more time with those most important to you
  • Enhance your stress physiology so you can start to leverage stress to your advantage
  • Enhance your human potential with a precise roadmap that up-levels your genetic expression in every domain so you become limitless

Remove All The Guesswork When It Comes to Your Results

When You Get Accepted, Here is What You Can Expect:

  • An in-depth evaluation starting with a 360° lifestyle review
  • In-depth genetic analysis & interpretation
  • Epigenetic optimization (including using the Epigenetics Age Test so we can get a reliable indicator of biological age)
  • Blood analysis & hormonal testing
  • Cognitive testing
  • Bio-specific programming
  • Biometric technology monitoring

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Need More Details?

Who Do You Work With? +

Typical clients are business owners, entrepreneurs, high performing professionals, and thought leaders. However, more important that titles are characteristics and personal values. Are you someone committed to growth, coachable, open-minded, looking to make a big impact, and believes in investing in themselves? Then let's talk.

What is Epigenetics? +

At the simplest level, it's simply how your DNA interacts with the environment.

Who you are isn't just about the genes you were born with, it's also about how those genes interact with your environment, and how your environment influences those specific gene expressions. The choices you make on a daily basis can create changes in the expression of your DNA. These choices will change the shape of your proteins, your cells, your body, and ultimately, your destiny and potential impact.

What About The Data...Who Owns It? +

This is your data and it's never going to be shared nor sold.

What's The Deal With Privacy? +

Maintaining anonymity is the highest priority. Your specimen from your cheek swab is submitted to the lab as only a barcode. The data and identification are kept on completely independent servers. Your specimen and data are retained for approximately 3 months in order to rerun the data in case there are any questions. Afterward, it's erased and destroyed from the server.

What Happens After I Submit My Application? +

Your application serves as the initial step in determining if I can help you. During this process, you'll select a time to have a call with me to go further in depth and to see if we're a good fit. Before the phone call, I'll review your application and if for any reason, it doesn't seem like a good fit—I'll cancel our call to save time on both ends.

How Does Your Process Work? +

Once you have enrolled into the program, we will prepare for and undergo an extensive diagnostic process to understand all areas of your health and life to form a comprehensive profile. In addition to comprehensive blood testing and having your genetics ran ahead of time, we'll schedule a day to complete our initial series of evaluations  (***I'm not a licensed medical provider—the focus is on health & lifestyle optimization and enhancement–not "sick-care". Therefore, when I make suggestions, this is no way constitutes a diagnosis or treatment in that realm).

With the superhuman optimization & enhancement program, you're being provided a comprehensive plan along with help to implement it.  No stone is left untouched here since you're continuously working with me along with having access to key partnerships I've set up.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that the best use of your time is focusing on your business and enjoying life, not researching health tactics and tips. This is why SOEP exists, to provide a bespoke service handling everything so you can allocate your time elsewhere.

Do You Have Client Testimonials? +

Yes I do, while many people I’ve helped prefer to remain private, I put a few on this page for you check out. Go here.

Can I Trust Your Advice? +

Yes, of course. I've been involved in health from an academic standpoint and more importantly, from a real-world standpoint of working directly with people from all walks of life for over 10 years. In the process, I’ve learned how to translate theoretical knowledge into real world applications that people will actually use and gain value from.

Though I'm not a licensed medical doctor, I realize the value of having precision-based medical support and approaches for specific situations,  which is why I have forward-thinking partners established for hormonal optimization, advanced peptide strategies and wellness-based prescription management along with state-of-the art testing when those things are necessary.

Let's not waste anymore time and start to jumpstart your efforts in the right direction to becoming superhuman.

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