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When Your Workforce is Unhealthy and Tired, It Costs You Money. Let's Talk About How to Fix It

Our health is like the head of an octopus and the other facets of life are the tentacles. If the head isn’t operating optimally, the tentacles won’t perform optimally. With that said, one-third of the world is overweight, less than three percent of people are getting the weekly recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise and one in three Americans gets fewer than the recommended minimum of seven hours of sleep nightly according to a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation survey which leads to 11.3 days of lost productivity per employee according to a 2011 American Insomnia Survey.

Combine these above factors and you're getting an lethargic, chronically sick, and overly-stressed workforce which is affecting your companies bottom line and performance. With all of this said, it's time to make wellness a top priority. Here are a few stats about wellness and the effect it has on companies.

  • Reduced sick leave absenteeism (an average 27 percent reduction according to the American Journal of Health Promotion)
  • Reduced healthcare costs (a 26 percent reduction in costs according to the American Journal of Health Promotion)
  • Improved productivity (an 8 percent increase in each employee’s productivity according to a 2005 National Business Group on Health report)
  • Less work-related stress (up to 12 percent less likely to experience health issues from work-related stress according to a 2015 study by The Economist Intelligence Unit & Humana)
  • Increased employee morale and engagement in your companies mission and goals (up to 67 percent according to a 2015 study by The Economist Intelligence Unit & Humana)
  • Improved employee retention (45 percent of employees agree that an employer-sponsored wellness program would encourage them to stay in their current position reported in a Principal Financial Well-Being Index in 2013)
  • A great return on investment (for every $1 spent = an ROI of $5.81 according to the American Journal of Health Promotion )
  • Employees with unhealthy diets were 66 percent more likely to report having a loss in productivity (BYU)
  • Sleep-deprived workers cost the U.S. around $411 billion, the U.K. $50 billion, & Australia $66 billion (Rand)
  • And much more!

Building a healthier and higher performing company culture starts by building a strong foundation and educating your employees on the key principles and habits for optimum health and performance—and that's where I come in.

Health & High Performance Trainings (60–180 minutes)

Scientifically backed evidence rooted in real-world practicality that drives your companies bottom line and helps your employees create lasting change through learning the effective systems, structures, and strategies to take it to the next level.

Schedule A Training For Your Company Today.

These trainings are engaging, full of valuable and actionable insights backed by research while also being tailored for your group based on our initial conversations. These trainings can be followed by group and/or individual health & high performance coaching sessions to further instill these new habits into your employees on a deeper level. Here are some of my more popular topics:

1. Sleep Well to Perform Better: How To Improve Your Experience in Bed So You Can Be At Your Best When It Matters Most


Fatigue isn't only draining your bottom line, it's affecting company culture and performance across the board. A Sleep Matters Initiative led by investigators from Brigham Health and Harvard Medical School for the National Safety Council estimated using a fatigue calculator that an average sized Fortune 500 company consisting of approximately 52,000 employees spends $80 million on fatigue workers. It's time to change that.

This training will educate your employees about the superpower of sleep and how it's affecting every aspect of their lives. Your employees will be equipped with a practical set of tools, tips, and systems to immediately sleep better. Lastly, your employees will be equipped with tools to better handle their mental health  and not let stress become overwhelming.

Who's this for?

Businesses that want to maximize their teams performance, build a culture of happier employees, and grow their bottom line. Busy business professionals who are striving to perform at a high level, improve their health, lose weight, improve & manager their mental health, and are seeking some practical and effective strategies to get better rest so they can show up as the best version of themselves.

What's going to be covered:

— A proven process to systematically deliver high quality sleep so your employees can perform at a high level every day.

— The biggest chock holds affecting your employees daily energy levels and how to instantly fix it.

— How to set up a day for peak performance while still getting sufficient rest.

— Much much more...

A Few of My Published Articles on the Topic:

What controls our sleep and fatigue levels

Why sleep is so important to our lives

How to help your sleep in 3 simple steps

2. Make Nutrition Simple Again: How to Live Longer, Be Happier, Have More Energy, and Make High Performance An Everyday Reality


Employees with unhealthy diets are 66 percent more likely to report having a loss in productivity and those who rarely ate fruits, vegetables and other low-fat foods at work were 93 percent more likely to have a higher loss in productivity according to research at BYU after studying 20,000 employees. Good food nourishes your body and powers your mind which equates to a smarter, productive, and healthier workforce. But busy, demanding, and some times stressful lifestyles makes nutrition difficult. Not anymore.

In this training, you’ll be provided with a model that not only will optimize your employees health, but one that will also optimize their performance through focusing only on principles that deliver a high ROI.

Who's this for?

Businesses that want to maximize (and sustain) their teams performance while growing their bottom line. Busy business professionals who are striving to perform at a high level but are having difficulties consistently eating healthy which leads to low energy levels. High performers seeking some practical and effective strategies to eat in a way that deliver vibrant health and more-than-enough energy to perform at a high level in all facets of life.

What's going to be covered:

— Helping your employees create healthy eating habits so they focus on more arduous tasks.

— Common nutritional myths to let go of and not waste anymore precious mental energy on.

— Teaching your employees how to eat in a way that leaves them energetic and ready to perform and lead better across the board.

— Much much more...

A Few of My Published Articles on the Topic:

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3. Mental Mastery: How to Manage Stress, Develop Impenetrable Resiliency, and Operate With Unwavering Focus So You Can Consistently Perform At a High Level


Mental energy is a combination of high levels of alertness, cognitive functioning, motivation, and a positive, optimistic outlook. As your mindset goes, so goes your life. When you're mentally sharp, you're not only growing at a fast pace, you're also moving with unwavering confidence which leads to high levels of productivity. Everything we do on a daily basis affects our mental energy in some form or fashion. In a time where we're pushing ourselves more than ever and constantly on the search for any type of competitive edge for success, there isn't enough emphasis on our mindset.

This training will leave with a practical set of tools, systems, and mental reframing techniques to help you mold a mindset that becomes your competitive advantage.

Who's this for?

Companies and teams that want to systematically improve their performance across the board along with growing their bottom line. Companies that want to cultivate higher performing leaders through a growth mindset and a set of principles and beliefs that will leave them with unshakeable confidence. Lastly, this is for organizations who value their employees mental health and want them to be equipped with scientifically backed strategies and techniques to better themselves.

What's going to be covered:

— Actionable and practical strategies to immediately 10x your employees mindset

— How to rewire your brain against stress and turn it into an asset so you can handle stressful terrains

— Teach your employees the 2 most pivotal points of the day and how they can maximize them

— Much much more...

A Few of My Published Articles on the Topic:

4. High Performance Amplified: Master the 7 Pillars of Energy So You Can Elevate Your Leadership, Productivity, and Impact

Synopsis: Energy, not time is your most valuable currency (MVC). This is especially true in the workplace. With that said, not properly managing and replenishing energy is the very thing that is preventing your employees from taking it to the next level. Optimal productivity is built on the foundation of energy. By mastering the 7 pillars of energy, your employees will have higher levels of emotional intelligence, leadership, and productivity which translates to a much-improved bottom line. Lastly, full engagement requires full engagement of all dimensions of energy.

With that said, in this training, I'll systematically guide your team on a journey to mastery of the 7 pillars of energy while leaving them with the tools to create maximum impact in all areas of life.

Who's this for?

Companies, leaders, and teams that want to improve their performance (especially sales driven environments), leadership, and engagement across the board and gain an edge over the competition. This is also useful for companies and organizations that want to provide strategies to help their employees thrive in stressful environments where it's easy to lose balance and focus.

What's going to be covered:

— Share the 7 pillars of energy so your employees can consistently perform at a high level

— Reveal the biggest drainers of energy and setup effective strategies to prevent them

— Teach your employees how to manage their energy and seamlessly set up a day of high performance

— Much much more...

A Few of My Published Articles on the Topic:

5. The Entrepreneurial Mindset: How to Unlock Your Human Potential and Become Unmistakable

Synopsis: Ask the typical person on the street "what's an entrepreneur?" and you'll most likely hear that it's someone who starts a business. That's one of the biggest myths around. The reality of the situation is that we're all entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur and unlocking your potential isn't a business model, it's about adopting a mindset. A mindset that everyone in your company needs in order to maximize its potential.

When you you keep your staff operating as employees, that's costing your time and money due to having to manage them. When you morph those employees into "intrapreneurs", you're on the way to becoming an unmistakable company. Employees cost you money and "intrapreneurs" will make you money. In this training, I'll systematically guide your team on a journey to adopting and integrating the key ingredients for an entrepreneurial mindset.

Who's this for? Companies, leaders, and teams that want to improve their overall performance (especially sales driven environments) across the board and gain an edge over the competition. This is also useful for companies that want everyone inside the organization to get on the pathway to becoming the best version of themselves, which leads to everyone contributing to something bigger than themselves.

What's going to be covered:

— Why it's necessary for everyone to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset

— Reveal the biggest obstacles to adopting the entrepreneurial mindset

— Teach your employees the key pillars to adopting this entrepreneurial mindset

— Much much more...

A Few of My Published Articles on the Topic:

Who Am I?

Julian Hayes II — Author, Executive Health & Performance Coach, Corporate Wellness Consultant

Over the last decade, I've been involved with health and fitness while helping people from various walks of life. My mission is to help your company grow by teaching your employees the most effective systems, habits, and routines needed to create more energy and become their most productive and healthiest selves.

I have my own weekly column at Inc Magazine along with being a contributor at some of the world's largest publications. You can see my articles on nutrition, sleep, mindset, and other health-related topics in Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, Chief Executive Magazine, Business Insider, The Chicago Tribune, MindBodyGreen, The Nashville Business Journal, and many other places.

I've also spoken and trained groups while occasionally appearing on television and being interviewed on numerous podcasts about sleep management, nutrition, mindset, high performance and other health topics that get thousands of downloads each year.

In the meantime, as a way to learn more about what I can bring to your company and event, here are a couple of resources to get you started:

  • The AFL Wellness Capabilities Overview to learn about how I can help your company.
  • My Quick-Start Wellness Initiative Cheat Sheet to get your company started with simple wellness ideas and tips to make your company healthier (no email required).
  • My Press & Publications page which will have links to my (100+) Inc articles along with links to a plethora of articles I've written for some of the worlds largest publications. Lastly, there will be links for where I was a guest on various podcasts discussing various health related topics.

If you're interested in having me speak on one of these topics or something new & specific that best suits the needs of your company—let's talk.

What to expect?

  • Prompt, timely, and professional replies to all your messages.
  • A personal phone consultation prior to your event. I want to better understand I can best serve your audience.
  • A high impact and actionable presentation solely focused on achieving the desired results for your organization.
  • A follow-up session after the event to make sure you’re satisfied
  • A custom document page created for your audience with links and resources that I think will be helpful.
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