1-on-1 Personal Fitness Coaching to Help You Lose Weight in Less Time, Become Healthier, & Upgrade Your Life

Are you an intelligent, ambitious, & growth-minded busy professional who wants to look and feel their best with or without their clothes on?


I’ll show you exactly what to do.


Would you like to feel and look sexier, operate on a superhero level, double your energy & be twice as productive—All while living a rich and fulfilling lifestyle?

If the Answer is Yes—Keep Reading

Dear fellow high-performer whose making an impact but desires to live a rich & healthy life,

If you’ve struggled to lose weight, if you’ve tried every type of diet imaginable, if you’ve tried every cleanse, if you’ve tried every type of weight loss challenge, if you’ve taken every known diet pill, if you’ve tried a plethora of exercise routines, machines and other “personal trainers” generic programs and you still haven’t taken your weight off; then you’re about to read the letter you’ve been waiting for.

Here’s why…

There’s finally a program that focuses on creating the body you want while allowing you to live a lifestyle on your terms (without sacrificing your quality of life) and not follow some militant dieting strategy.

1:1 Personal Fitness Coaching With Julian

An Step-by-Step Roadmap for the Busy & High-Achieving Professional Who Wants to Lose Weight in Less Time, Become Healthier, & Upgrade Their Life

How could your life change if you lost 10 pounds? What about 20 pounds? What about 30 pounds?

Imagine being able to walk into any room without any hesitation and fear.

Imagine feeling as confident without your suit on as you do with it on.

Instead of avoiding your reflection at all costs & comparing yourself to other people, imagine looking at yourself with pride and displaying a big wide smile while loving the person that you've become (both inside & outside).

Imagine being able to effortlessly wear your favorite outfit while being showered in compliments.

Imagine feeling confident enough to ask that dream girl out?

Imagine getting off those medications or hearing those not-so good reports from the doctor.

Isn’t your health worth your time, prioritization, and investment in YOURSELF?

Every. Single. Aspect. Of. Your. Life Would. Positively. Change.

Not just your life, but everyone around you.

Think about the work you could create when you’re at your healthiest (it's pretty damn tough to run a business when your energy is running on fumes). Think about the example of change you’ll be to all others around you who desire to experience a breakthrough.

Do you realize that you’re a lot more likely to lose weight and create a rich life with someone who understands your hectic, demanding,and creative lifestyle?

My coaching program is designed for you—a busy intelligent, nerdy, ambitious, and remarkable individual who wants to not only look great naked but also become happier and healthier without losing their identity through the process.

In My 1:1 Personalized Program You'll

  • Instantly discover how to eat in a way that satisfies your palate as well as complements your fitness and lifestyle goals
  • Immediately receive your personalized roadmap to become healthier, hotter, & happier—even with your demanding life
  • Eliminate the invisible scripts that subconsciously sabotage your weight loss efforts & productivity
  • Immediately receive proven efficient workouts that help shed fat & increase your energy
  • Become the superhero of your own life

However, here’s the unfortunate story of many well-intentioned fitness enthusiast who haven’t lost their weight yet…

You start off the 1st three weeks with excitement oozing from your veins. By week four, the fitness monster arrives—you helplessly witness your fitness goals vanish into thin air—yet again.

You put yourself through marathon workout sessions countless times only to feel like dog poop hours later. You overwork yourself on the treadmill to no avail. Your energy is nonexistent. Your productivity is plummeting and the idea of a ‘balanced lifestyle’ is no where to be found.

You say “no” to friends on Friday nights due to fear of ruining your diet. Lastly, the massive hunger cravings arrive, then the inevitable food binges and all your fat loss achievements are swiftly vanish.

Sound familiar?

To put the icing on the cake—you wave the white flag in defeat and blurt out the infamous “weight loss doesn’t work for my body” or "I'm too busy"  when things don’t go as expected.

You feel like a failure. You feel defeated. You feel guilty for succumbing to your food cravings. Becoming healthier while living the life you desire seems like a pipe-dream.

Worst of all, your self-confidence is in the toilet.

Going on dates, feeling confident, and being productive with your business isn't close to being a reality. You feel jaded about fitness and start to blame the struggles on genetics, work, or the fitness program.

I 100 percent understand.

Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. It’s happened to a lot of men and women. It’s happened to me(numerous times).

However, there’s an alternative and it doesn’t involve restrictive diets (there isn't a diet actually), working out seven days a week nor life altering lifestyle changes. It doesn't require you to drop your hobbies and friends for results.

If you aspire to feel confident, live a rich life, and have a desire to construct a body you’ll be proud of—then you’re the type of person who I want to reveal a story too…

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I’m Julian Hayes II and I’m about to take you on a brief—but significant journey.

I’m an author, health & fitness consultant and coach along with being a speaker. I approach health and fitness the same way as an architect views his craft. I plan, design, and oversee the construction of an individuals goals in life and fitness. Fitness isn't just about the physical aspect, there's a emotional, mental, and spiritual aspect that needs attention.

I’ve had the honor of being featured in leading publications such as…Bodybuilding.com, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine, Success Magazine, Fox News, The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and MindBodyGreen to name a few along with making occasional TV appearances.

More important than credentials—I’ve been in your situation. Contrary to most beliefs, being a fitness professional doesn’t exempt you from everyday struggles. My fitness journey has been far from ‘kittens, sunshine, and happy dances’.

I’ve suffered from food phobias, insane food guilt, shame, body image issues, low self-esteem, and depression.

I’ve fallen for the low-to-no carb fad diets. I’ve lost a lot of weekends, missed out on relationships and experiences with friends due to ‘staying on top of my macros’ and ‘keeping my diet clean’. I’ve even fallen for the ‘voodoo magic supplement’ schemes that marketers push in our faces everyday. I've reached low body fat percentages at times, but was miserable because my emotional, mental, and spiritual fitness wasn't taken into account.

Fortunately, all of the darkness and nonsense is in the past. I’ve learned through personal struggles and coaching clients on how to help others avoid traveling down that dark, confusing, and frustrating road.

What if I told you that some of the most popular fitness advice is completely false?


Here's a story from one of my awesome clients–she talks about removing the invisible scripts of fitness

I always believed in common fitness myths such as...

"Women lifting heavy weights turn out bulky and masculine"

"Nothing tones up a body more than a solid 4 hour run on the elliptical" (exaggeration)

"Want to lose weight? Stop Eating!"

If it says 'light' it must be better for you"

Every single one of these myths has been thrown out the window. I'm now lifting weights on a regular basis that I never even looked at before while at the gym.

After spending years using colored 3-5lbs weights, starving myself, running endlessly on treadmills, and seeing minimal results, I can say without a doubt that Julian's methods have completely shifted the way I view working out. I couldn't be happier with the results I've seen over the course of a few months. The workouts are always fresh, I haven't touched a treadmill once, and I get to eat large and fulfilling meals.

— Alex, a creative and remarkable dancer—lost inches off her waist, built lean muscle, became stronger, has amazing relationships, and still enjoys her favorite pastries while living a fulfilling life.

This is one of many stories that my clients tell me when they get the help need to kickstart their fitness and become the architect of their own bodies and life. If you need help to get started—and you're a ambitious, intelligent, and creative individual who wants to use fitness as a launching pad to improving other facets of your life without losing your identity—I know exactly how to help you become healthier, increase your confidence, and live the good life.

Here’s the biggest thing to remember—you just need to get started. Getting started is the hardest part.

Setup a free 30 minute  health & fitness breakthrough session by clicking here.

If you think you’re going to be able to get started on your own—think about if you have started—and stayed consistent for more than 3 weeks without jumping aboard another fitness program or lost motivation.

Lack of information isn’t the problem. Lack of choices isn’t the problem.

When you excitingly joined those fitness programs, no one gave you instructions on how to incorporate fitness into your preferred lifestyle. All you were given was a workout and sent away to figure it out yourself—until now.

You can easily lose fat while staying sane, maintaining your identity, maintaining a happy & balanced life without worrying about minuscule factors that make no difference.

What if you had someone who could help kickstart your fitness and get those initial 10 pounds off, feel more sexy and confident, and make sure this thing called fitness fits into your long term picture. If this is your wish and desire—you’re in the right place To make a breakthrough, it’s time to accept that you can’t do this by yourself.

Imagine if losing 10 pounds or more didn’t involve restrictive eating nor deprived you of a social life or sacrificing time toward your business—how would that feel?

Here's another client story—he talks about and demonstrates what consistency & sticking to the plan looks like

Words simply cannot describe how Julian has changed my life. I've never been one that consistently went to the gym until I started training with Julian. I used to go to the gym and just do cardio and by that I mean I would just run on the treadmill.

old travis pic

I have learned how to properly lift weights, lose fat, gain muscle mass and eat right all while having a well balanced social life. I'm 34 and in the best shape of my life. I feel better, I look better, and have gained the self-confidence I needed. I am living life and loving every second of it!

— Travis, an intelligent and remarkable accountant — lost inches of his waist and learned how to integrate fitness into his preferred lifestyle.

Are You Ready For Your Breakthrough?

My 1:1 Coaching Program That Prioritizes Lifestyle Over Diets & Workouts

Your Tools, Details, and Personalized Approach That Will Lead You to Success

  • Nutrition and Workout Tracking

    Track your progress with cloud-based technology, and get immediate feedback when needed. This helps us make adjustments as needed to keep you going in the right direction

  • Apps and Automation

    Depending on the circumstance, I'll provide training and nutritional apps for your program. All your nutritional needs and workouts will be at the palm of your hand.

  • Accountability and Support

    We're in this together. We're going to focus on creating lasting results, not a short-term results that make you unhealthier. I have systematic accountability systems installed within this program to keep you on the right trajectory.

  • A Comprehemsive Educational Course

    This is a course that I design for all my personal clients, and these lessons guide you through various fitness concepts that you're likely to encounter along your journey.

  • Custom Nutrition Plans and Workout Programs

    I don't run a generic run-of-the-mill program where everyone gets a standard template. We'll discuss your needs, experiences, and limitations and build a program specifically catered to YOUR NEEDS.

  • Focused 1-on1 Coaching

    I don't have hundreds of clients on rotation. Normally, I never accept more than 7 people into my program each month. I keep the numbers low, and the interactions frequent and high-quality. My mission is to create the best experience possible.

  • Unlimited Email Access

    I wasn't joking about being in this 100% with you. I want to celebrate each and every milestone with you and be there to answer your questions when they will inevitably come up. Some prefer one weekly email, others prefer daily check-ins. Doesn't matter to me, I just care about you showing up to do the work each day.

  • Schedule Phone-Calls When Necessary

    Sometimes we need to cover a topic over the phone or talk after a rough day. And that's perfectly cool with me. I'm here to serve and help you breakthrough. You're not just another number in the system, you're part of the community. I schedule phone calls as needed to ensure the necessary topics are covered in-depth.

I'm Ready For A Breakthrough

Here Are Some Other Options

That You Can Also Consider:

1.Try it Yourself (Again)

You can try to lose weight yourself—again—but has this strategy worked yet? How would it feel to see some results and feel confident? If that's what you want, then you must take a different approach his time.

2.Listen to Your Friend's Advice (or Co-workers)

You can try to listen to your friend’s advice—but will that accountability last? Will your friend’s advice setup a comprehensive program that is completely tailored to your needs? Do your co-workers have the expertise and knowledge to guide you along a fitness journey that can possibly have many ups and downs?

3.Sign Up for a Local Trainer or Another Weight Loss Challenge

Anyone can write up a workout and tell you to exercise for 30 minutes, but that's only a small percentage of the picture. You'll get their guidance for 30 minutes three times a week, but what about the other 23.5 hours? What about your nutritional regimen? If you want to look great naked, it takes more than a couple 30 minute sweat sessions to accomplish this.

Checkout Another Clients Results From Following a Proven Roadmap to Success

"I was walking in front of a store window yesterday and I saw a reflection in the window and in my peripheral. I thought, 'if I could just look like her, I would be so happy.' After a few steps, I glanced over...and it was me. So there I stood at the mall weepy.

Julian has made fitness accessible for me, and that's something I wasn't convinced was possible. I have a busy life filled with lots of travel, and he has creatd a plan that I've been able to incorporate seamlessly. I'm stronger than I've ever been in life, and I cannot recommend Julian's program highly enough!"

- Belinda, Belinda Smith Creative

This Coaching Program is For You If You:

  • Are a intelligent, ambitious, nerdy, and remarkable individual who wants to use fitness to jump start other aspects of their life
  • Ready to conquer their invisible scripts and experience a breakthrough

  • Desires to feel sexier and smarter

  • Have a focus on long-term health as opposed to fad diets/Band-Aid solutions
  • Are ready to lose weight without crazy restrictive diets
  • Want more energy to thrive in other aspects of your life

This Program Isn't For You If You:

  • Are okay with mediocrity
  • Don't have an open mind
  • Want to lose weight as quick as possible, regardless of the long-term implications
  • Are not willing to work hard

This Is Your Moment to Rise Up

Imagine How You Can Look And Feel By Taking Control of Your Health & Life

How would it feel to change your life and become the hero of your own journey?

Imagine changing your behavior and proving everyone wrong.

Imagine being able to look great naked and having the confidence to take on anything that comes your way.

Imagine being able to eat in a way that's pleasurable & satiating without any amounts of associated guilt while simultaneously creating your best body.

No guesswork or hoping is necessary—I'm going to fail-proof your fat loss and help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

The First Step to Making a Change is to Believe You Can Have What You Want.

If You're not Happy or Healthy Today— Imagine What You're Going to See in a Year

I'm Ready to Choose Myself

Stay awesome & talk soon,


P.S. The time is now. It’s time to take action and stop watching others. No more excuses. You don’t need to read more, plan more, or wait till a ‘more opportune time’(no such thing)—how's that worked in the past? Do you have the courage to choose yourself? Your chance to finally lose weight and build your best body without stress or losing your identity has arrived. Will you go for it? Will you take action? 


I'm Ready to Change My Life