Welcome! I’m Julian Hayes II, a Precision Health & Human Performance Coach, an Author, and writer for some of the world’s largest publications.

I provide the tools to help executives and high performing entrepreneurs optimize their health, energy & performance without the guesswork by leveraging their genetics so they can become superhuman in life and business.
about me

Energy is your most valuable currency. Energy supplies optimal health which is the connector for getting the highest results out of life. Pretend your health is the head of the octopus and the tentacles are the other facets of your life. Without the head, the tentacles aren’t going to operate to their fullest capabilities.

And that’s why I’m here to help.

Your health is a premium investment, not an expense.

Unfortunately, the narrative above is often times flipped the other way around.

In the pursuit of “success”, many impact-driven entrepreneurs, executives, business owners and high achievers will end up sacrificing their health for the growth of their business and initiatives. Working at a breakneck pace without proper attention to their well-being begins to take a toll on their bodies (and most importantly, their relationships).

Lethargy. Poor sleep. Hormonal imbalances. Foggy cognition. Irritability. Crumbling relationships. Not loving what you see in the mirror when the clothes are off despite the career success.

You know you should be eating better. You know you should be exercising more often. You know should prioritize sleep. You know you should be more present in your relationships.

Plenty of podcasts, blogs, and “gurus” have told you this as well.

But yet, you still struggle to find the time, consistency, motivation, strategy, and energy to do it. Running a business, making an impact, creating a movement, maintaining enriching relationships, and leading others while maintaining optimal health is tough.

Actually, let me rephrase this. Attempting to accomplish all of those feats are close-to-impossible without playbooks for each area of your life.

Sound extreme?

Maybe…but you’re not trying to be average..right?

Of course not!

That’s why the Art of Fitness & Life exists

The mission is simple: to help impact-driven entrepreneurs create more energy and move at a faster pace in life while living their specific rich life through automating their health.

On a grand scale, it’s a mission to change the lives of 1 million people by helping them create more-than-enough energy and build the optimal health needed to make their greatest impact in the world.

No more of merely existing in “survivor mode” and “just getting by” with your health. No more having to choose between growing the business or maintaining supreme health. Your new paradigm is one where you’re a high performer at work who also maintains strong connections with those most important to them while looking and feeling good becomes the everyday reality

All of this combines to you creating a greater impact and living your specific iteration of a rich life.

What’s my origin story and why am I equipped to lead this mission?

I’m Julian Hayes II, Founder of The Art of Fitness & Life.

Before I was this person, I was just a kid who saw chronic illnesses, diseases, and an environment that generally accepted whatever life threw at them. Besides needing a confidence boost once I arrived in college, I realized that if I followed the conventional path that had been the norm—I would be just become another statistic.

Worst of all, I would leave untapped potential on the table which not only affects me but others who could’ve used my help. With this internal ammunition (and inspiration from comic books), I began my journey as a 165-pound kid who was initially focused on a physical transformation. But little did I know, this commitment to health would become much more than I ever dreamed of.

where it all started
More than a physical transformation, fitness equipped me with a new mentality that gave me the belief that I could impact the world.

This fascination with health led me to medical school. However, through chance encounters with various individuals during my time in New York, I left the pursuit of medicine behind after one year to start the AFL and pursue my true vision for life.

I’m now a health & human performance consultant along with being a corporate wellness consultant and an author who has been involved with health for over a decade.

I have a plethora of real-world experience which has allowed me to work with individuals from all walks of life. I also have plenty of academic experiences as well. I hold specialty certifications in nutrition, sleep science, and epigenetics along with having a masters.

I have my own weekly column at Inc where I’ve written over 100 columns along with frequently contributing at many of the world’s largest publications. You can see my articles on nutrition, sleep, corporate wellness, energy management, performance & productivity, and mindset in Entrepreneur, Success, Chief Executive, Business Insider, The Chicago Tribune, MindBodyGreen, The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Bodybuilding.com, The Nashville Business Journal, Fox News, Addicted to Success, and numerous blogs.

I’ve also spoken and consulted with other small businesses on wellness and performance while occasionally appearing on television and being interviewed on numerous podcasts about sleep management, nutrition, mindset, and health & performance.

Daytime television show discussing my book ‘Body Architect’

Being well-versed in the sciences along with my real-world experience allows me to bring a unique message to help today’s entrepreneurs and time-constrained individuals.

I’m a nerd at heart and in my spare time, I’m currently learning how to salsa dance along with some other dances and finally learn a second language.

My approach to health?

Whether it’s consulting and teaching organizations or through working with clients in my virtual private wellness & concierge practice—my approach is uniquely tailored to the particular situation at hand.

Throughout the years, I’ve been exposed to many different types of philosophies and methods. This has enabled me to cross-pollinate ideas from a wealth of disciplines, combine and recombine them into pieces that seamlessly mesh with each other to create a world-class health and energy ecosystem.

At the basis of the AFL philosophy, there is a focus on these 7 core pillars of energy.

  1. Mission
  2. Mindset
  3. Physiology
  4. Performance
  5. Presentation
  6. Environment
  7. Relationships

After assessing the current landscape in our world plus through working with many individuals, I believe a focus on those 7 pillars will lead you to get the highest results out of life. With that said, I approach my work and teaching with a holistic approach which means I look at how all areas of your life are connected.

Lastly, I adhere to the concept of bio-individuality which means that each person has his or her own food and lifestyle needs. We live in a world where fad diets and “gurus” try to pigeon everyone into a specific plan. Health doesn’t work that way. Simply giving pills out or any other gimmick isn’t a long-term solution.

Using a holistic approach combined with bio-individuality, I’ll help you in making positive changes based on your unique needs, body type, genetics, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

What to do now?

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