8 Under Appreciated Reasons Why Strength Training Can Immediately Level Up Your Life


There aren’t many other forms of exercising that can mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally morph you into a better individual than strength training.

Not too long ago, strength training was relegated to bodybuilders and meatheads. However and thankfully, those days are long and gone. Today at many gyms, you’ll see soccer moms, busy professionals, bros, entrepreneurs, dancers, and many others conjugated under one roof lifting weights and making themselves better.

Strength training is mostly known as a way to train our musculoskeletal system. Our musculoskeletal system is comprised of bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints, and connective tissues that help bind your tissues and organs together.

There are many strength training articles in existence that state the obvious reasons for why you should lift weights which include building muscle, losing fat, and leading to an overall change in body composition.

Those are definitely major factors to strength training but strength training is much more than that. Strength training is an excellent tool for helping you learn more about who you are and what your capabilities are.

Since we already know the obvious reasons for why strength training is beneficial, here are eight underappreciated reasons why strength training can level up your life (starting today).

1.Helps with longevity

Living a longer life involves a multitude of things, but one of the biggest factors is maintaining a solid level of strength.

As we get older, we naturally get weaker and start to break down. Two of the biggest reasons for this occurrence is the degradation of our mitochondria and our decrease in telomerase.

The degradation of our mitochondria (the powerhouse of our cells) leads to weaker cells and muscle fibers; thus leads to a decrease in strength. Our telomerase is an enzyme that repairs and maintains the little caps on the end of our chromosomes. When you don’t produce enough, our cellular division starts to become affected.

Resistance training adds years to your life while benefitting your emotional and mental well-being. It’s been estimated that exercising adds an extra six – seven years to your lifespan, but this could be more than that.

While reading all of these facts may lead you to initially think this requires a major commitment, strength training for as little as two times a week is beneficial to your longevity.

2.Helps prevents injuries while increasing the quality of your life

Sports scientists have linked weight training as being an integral factor to remaining injury free (or at least a major reduction—can’t avoid everything).

Living a long life in the number of years is one thing, but living a long life without the quality of life plummeting is an entirely different story. Besides preventing injuries, another concern is maintaining a strong overall structure throughout our lives.

Weight trying builds up your bone mass and bone density; thus helps decrease the chances for osteoporosis (a higher occurrence in women). By strength training, you’re also going to build stronger ligaments (connective tissues that connect bone to bone) and tendons (connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone).

Developing stronger bones, tendons, and ligaments are going to lead to fewer tears and other everyday injuries.

why strength training can level up your life
In addition to lifting, stretching will help (also I just liked this picture)

3.Helps fight against cancer and other diseases

Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide that sadly takes many of our loved ones away too soon. While it’s not completely preventable, we can take measures to decrease our chances of cancer.

Besides nutrition and simple lifestyle habits, one of the easiest ways to help ourselves is to consistently strength train. Lifting weights three times a week for six months led to a reduction in our oxidative stress levels which consequently can decrease our chances of cancer.

Besides cancer, another prevalent issue in our world is heart disease. Maintaining a consistent lifting regimen has helped against the fight with heart disease.

4.Helps slow down aging

We all will experience aging and this leads to possible scenarios such as muscle weakness, lower energy, physical appearance changes, and a decrease in the functioning of our brain becoming an issue.

While it’s not the fountain of youth, strength training can help slow down aging and keep your youthful looks a little longer than those who don’t exercise.

Strength training is going to help you from a molecular, hormonal, enzymatic, and chemical level. By strength training, you’re going to slow down many diseases and typical aging characteristics that sedentary individuals will experience.

5.Helps with your professional life

There are many life hacks and tactics on how to become smarter and productive.

Reading books are an excellent tool to give your brain a workout, but exercising is also an excellent method for improving your brain health while improving your cognitive capabilities.

While this article is focusing on strength training, simply walking and other various forms of movement can lower your stress levels. Exercising has been shown to increase your productivity and focus during your workdays.

cool-kids-at-work — why strength training can level up your life
These cool kids most likely strength train and their ideas are better for it—just go with it:)

6.Helps with your mental health

Mental illnesses are a silent epidemic happening in our world. There’s unfortunately still a stigma surrounding mental illnesses. An estimated 350 million people are suffering from depression (I’ve been one of them).

While not a cure for the most severe of cases, the effects of the positive endorphins from exercising may help against mild forms of depression, anxiety, and when you generally just feel down.

7.Helps all facets of your bedroom life

Sleep is something that’s so elementary at first glance but easily can become a convoluted mess. While sleep rituals are critical to establishing consistent and quality sleep, exercising is also an excellent tool to improve  your sleep.

Exercising serves as a great stress relief and helps unwind from the day along with reducing the risk for various sleep disorders.

Besides sleeping, the bedroom has one other use and that is to have sex. With the numerous hormonal, mental, and social benefits that sex provides, making sure that stamina and performance are up to par is important.

While weightlifting doesn’t make you better at the act of sex directly, it does help you build an overall stronger body which leads to improved stamina and energy—thus a better experience for everyone.

8.Helps with your self-esteem and confidence

As you embark upon your fitness goals, your confidence is going to skyrocket after achieving the goals you set forth.  From seeing the weight on the bar slowly climb up to increasing your performance on chin ups—strength training will provide you with a sense of accomplishment.

Accomplishing fitness goals often times leads people to experience breakthroughs in other facets of their lives.

This happens because changing our body and habits is often times personal and has many invisible scripts attached along with negative associations. If someone breaks through those barriers, it’s as if a huge anchor has been lifted off their shoulders.