106: Physician and Country Music Artist Dr. James Robert Webb on Mastery, Creating Your Own Lane, and Living An Intentional Life

Welcome to episode 106 of Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs.

We have Dr. James Webb, a doctor by day who fixes backs, and a country music singer by sundown, stopping by for a fascinating discussion on mastery, health, philosophy, and of course, music. Dr. Webb has created his own unique lane in medicine and is now taking that same spirit to the world of country music. So, if you’re a creative or someone who is yearning and feeling that a change is a must in your life right now—then you’ll dig this episode. Also, at the end of the episode, I included Dr. Webb’s hit single ‘Okfuskee Whiskey, ‘ an infectious feel-good song that’s been on repeat for me.

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  • Dr. Webb’s origin story
  • How Dr. Webb landed in medicine
  • Why regret is the toughest pill to swallow
  • A brief discussion on our shared love for Led Zeppelin
  • Country cliches and “bro-country” (I was personally curious about this)
  • Dr. Webb’s creative process
  • Building mastery at your craft (and it also applies to your health)
  • Balancing medicine and country music
  • How Dr. Webb landed in his specific niche of medicine
  • An interesting discussion on intelligence and dogma
  • The uncomfortableness of stepping out from your old beliefs
  • Where the revolutionary discoveries actually happen
  • Why optimal health is about more than just your diet
  • What’s next for Dr. Webb
  • And much more

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