1 Crazy Simple Mental Model For High-Performance Health

Recently, I order some lab tests to look at my blood glucose, hemoglobin A1c, and insulin levels.

After analyzing and interpreting my genetic report, I happen to be in the highest category for insulin resistance.

My dad, grandfather, grandmother, and numerous aunts and uncles have experienced blood sugar issues, which have led to various illnesses and complications in the past.

Before moving forth, what exactly is insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance is where the body begins to require increasing amounts of insulin in order to drive blood sugar levels. With increased insulin resistance, besides difficulty losing weight, aging at a much more rapid rate can occur.

As I remind clients who show a high propensity in this category or another area, it’s imperative to keep in mind that its probability and propensity.

As I look at it, I simply have a lower margin for error when it comes to this particular issue. Just as others will have a higher propensity for neurological issues or something else.

Being able to dial into specific areas of health is where the power of precision wellness and bio-individuality truly shines. When you know your unique blueprint, you’re gaining knowledge. But, more importantly, you’re gaining control over your destiny.

Years ago, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to order my own tests. To possess in-depth knowledge of my hormones and which style of eating is ideal for me, and much more.

This leads me to the bigger issue when it comes to managing your health—your decisions.

The best information and health strategies are all for naught if the decision making is sub-par.

A big reason for the decline of health from an overall population point of view comes down to decision making.

Specifically, operating with a tertiary strategic approach instead of a primary strategic approach.

Tertiary thinking vs. Primary thinking

Let’s use an example of lung cancer (harsh, but it’ll make the point crystal clear).

The majority of people wouldn’t propose a campaign to reduce lung cancer that focused only on treatment (i.e. a tertiary strategy) since better treatment wouldn’t reduce lung cancer rates. Helping individuals stop smoking (i.e. a secondary strategy) is good. However, even better, preventing and educating people from the beginning to not smoke (i.e. a primary strategy) is ideal.

In the western model of health, the majority of solutions are tertiary strategies.

Getting care and attention for your well being doesn’t start until you become “sick”.

Striving for optimization and morphing into the most enhanced version of yourself is practically a foreign language within this model.

The emphasis is on illness and disease, not preventative care and optimization.

Stripping this down even further, it’s operating with a reactive mentality instead of a proactive mentality. Waiting for something to happen instead of attempting to stay ahead of the situations.

For my business peeps out there, look no further than Blockbuster. Of the many reasons for their collapse, was not keeping up with trends and looking into the future.

It’s no surprise that the U.S. was ranked 35th out of 169 countries in the 2019 edition of Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index.

mental model for high performance health

Being reactive and operating with tertiary strategies is how the majority of individuals approach their health and energy on a daily basis.

They wait until they feel rundown, are 15lbs overweight, and hit rock bottom in their relationships. Only then, will they search for a solution (i.e. tertiary thinking).

Don’t let this be you.

No need to wait until things hit rock bottom. 

Reshape your mental model into one of primary thinking.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until tomorrow to take action. Or wait until something breaks or aches. I must take full control of my health and life starting right this very moment.

And you must as well.

A mental model for high-performance health entails operating with a sense of urgency.

It’s time to get on the offense and dictate how things will go. Primary thinking starts with this mental model for high-performance health:

Front-load your work

Here is a scenario: Your financial advisor advises you to set aside multiple accounts. There’s investments, unforeseen accidents, and dumb mistakes (ok maybe that’s just me).

They’re helping you front-load your work. By front-loading your work, you’re attempting to predict future events that could prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

This mental model for high-performance health won’t predict all future events. However, you’ll certainly forecast a couple of the more high-probable scenarios that could derail your health optimization goals.

If healthy eating with your busy schedule is a problem, effectively front-loading your work will be a gamechanger. With awareness, you can meal prep in advance or elect to invest in meal delivery services to stay on track. 

Before setting foot in the gym, purging your fridge, or swearing off any foods—pause, take a step back, and front load your work.

We live in a golden age of information with an excess of resources. But all of this is a moot point without shifting your mental model for high-performance health.

Do you want results?

Living a demanding and unique lifestyle requires a unique approach to having you at your best each and every day.

What I’ve learned is that to achieve this, you need a comprehensive holistic plan that seamlessly connects every single facet of your life perfectly.

This starts with taking a deep dive into what makes you uniquely you by gathering data on your genetics along with a plethora of other precision-based assessments. Then, and only then, can you start to organize the puzzle pieces to fit together.

That’s what I do inside my N of 1 boutique practice. If you’d like my help, you can let me know by emailing the address below where we’ll start with a health optimization call.

Start taking control by emailing julian@theartoffitnessandlife.com

I don’t operate in shallow waters. Therefore, expect this to be an impactful session that can range from 45mins to 2 hours.