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Leverage precision performance longevity and stay at the top of your game in business and life at 40, 50, 60, & well beyond so you can run around with your great-great-grandchildren—not just see them.

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What Makes The AFL Different?

We create and implement bespoke, holistic strategies for investors, executives, and entrepreneurs to precisely upgrade their entire human system, be ageless, stay at the top of their game, and create generational health and wealth so they can run around with their great-great-grandchildren. No more hoping and guessing—just precision. Most operate on volume. We operate on value. Most operate off a script, program, template, or curriculum. We have no set curriculum because you are our material. Nothing is left to chance through this comprehensive and detailed N of 1 experience with a mission of creating generational health and wealth.

A Comprehensive 360 Approach to Creating Generational Health & Wealth

  • Precision Performance & Lifestyle Assessment

    You’ll begin your journey with an innovative tool that captures a baseline in the areas of sleep, nutrition, fitness, life, stress, hormones, environment, and cognition. We’ll also leverage technology to measure every heartbeat for a couple of days so we can see how your lifestyle is impacting your work performance, leisure time, sleep, and overall health, and then analyze and share those results with you.

  • Genetic Analysis

    Your genes aren’t your destiny, it’s a code of possibilities. We’ll begin the journey by looking at your DNA to uncover (and understand) your inherent genetic potential to help you thrive, along with helping with advanced diagnostics and precise treatments for an optimized and enhanced life.

  • Blood Analysis

    Advanced comprehensive lab testing will offer an in-depth analysis of your current health profile and various biomarkers and hormones so you’ll stay in total control. We’ll also calculate your biological age through an epigenetic age assessment and further make chronological age irrelevant.

  • Cognitive Testing & Optimization

    Having an optimized brain is critical to your success and for sustained peak performance. There are tools and advanced strategies to help you turn (and keep) your brain a lethal weapon. Knowing your current baseline helps to create solutions tailored uniquely for you.

  • N of 1 Programming

    Just as a bespoke suit equates to a one-of-a-kind garment that considers everything to ensure a perfect fit, the same applies to your health. You’ll have a bespoke plan that equates to a one-of-a-kind program that considers every aspect of the human system to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Precise Supplement Recommendations

    Supplements help to support your diet and enhance your potential and performance. However, we’re all different, and we must account for this bio-individuality. Thanks to knowing your genetic code and micronutrient testing and analysis—you’ll have precise supplement recommendations based on your unique biology and lifestyle.

  • Coaching

    The mission is simple: to help you morph into the most enhanced version of yourself. I aim to help you go far beyond the typical wellness and fitness models, along with upgrading every facet of your life. Sometimes you need high-level brainstorming. Sometimes you need Deep Coaching. Sometimes you need problem-solving. Whenever you need support, we make time.

  • Epigenetic Optimization

    After revealing your unique code, it’s time to make precise inputs to your human system so you can thrive and flourish in every facet of life. You no longer work against your biology. You’ll work with it as you’ll now have a precise health and performance roadmap tailored for your unique biology.

  • High-Tech Toys & Monitoring

    Technology can serve as one of your most valuable assets to improving your health, life, and business. Leveraging wearable technology for daily monitoring and feedback along with various state-of-the-art analyses and assessments allows you to stay on track and hit specific KPIs.

  • Performance Team

    Athletes such as Tom Brady, LeBron James, and Russell Wilson along with Hollywood A-listers, and many other high performing movers & shakers have a team of experts helping them sustain peak performance—it’s the same here. You’re not just an entrepreneur and executive here. You’re an athlete entrepreneur and executive who will have access to top-notch fitness programming, elite coaches, medical support, and various recovery tools to sustain peak physical and cognitive performance.

Meet the Founder: Julian Hayes II

Executive Health Consultant & Epigenetic Atelier

I believe in a world where aging is optional for entrepreneurs, executives, investors and other high-achieving individuals while having an extra 60+ years of optimal health, energy, and productivity to impact the world while experiencing life to its fullest.

Unfortunately, despite the many accomplishments and financial success, many entrepreneurs and executives don't have the physical success that matches their financial success because of the dark sides of success and not using solutions tailored to their unique biology and demanding lifestyle.

It's time to rethink how we do health and fitness. Entrepreneurs, investors, and executives need a precise roadmap and system that accommodates their unique biology and demanding lifestyle so they can make aging irrelevant, focus on what they do best, and experience life to its fullest.

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