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Unhealthy & Fatigued Employees Are Costing You A Ton of Money

Despite living in a world with an abundance of information, one-third of the world is overweight along with a plethora of chronic diseases rising (chronic diseases cost 4x more in health insurance expenses than healthy individuals).

Less than 3 percent of people are getting the weekly recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise. One in three Americans gets fewer than the recommended minimum of seven hours of sleep nightly according to a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation survey. This costs each worker 11.3 days of productivity according to a 2011 American Insomnia Survey.

Combine these above factors and you're getting a anxious, depressed, and overly-stressed workforce. Each year, up to $227 billion is lost in the U.S. in employee absenteeism or presenteeism. According to the European commission, the costs alone of work-related stress in the EU is around $20 billion. This is a worldwide problem that is affecting your companies productivity, culture, engagement, and bottom line.

With that said, getting up off your bottom & implementing some form of a wellness initiative is good for your bottom line through a myriad of factors such as:

  • Reduced sick leave absenteeism (an average 27 percent reduction according to the American Journal of Health Promotion)
  • Reduced healthcare costs (a 26 percent reduction in costs according to the American Journal of Health Promotion)
  • Improved productivity (an 8 percent increase in each employee’s productivity according to a 2005 National Business Group on Health report)
  • Less work-related stress (up to 12 percent less likely to experience health issues from work-related stress according to a 2015 study by The Economist Intelligence Unit & Humana)
  • Increased employee morale and engagement in your companies mission and goals (up to 67 percent according to a 2015 study by The Economist Intelligence Unit & Humana)
  • Improved employee retention (45 percent of employees agree that an employer-sponsored wellness program would encourage them to stay in their current position reported in a Principal Financial Well-Being Index in 2013)
  • A great return on investment (for every $1 spent = an ROI of $5.81 according to the American Journal of Health Promotion )

The link between your companies success and improved employee health and well-being is something that can take your company culture to a whole new level—and make you unmistakable in your specific industry.

Administering a simple 10-minute health risk assessment to inform people that smoking, processed foods, and not exercising is bad isn't good enough—undoing years of poor healthy habits isn't solved with a questionnaire.

Directing them to a website with wellness plans isn't enough nor is instituting a short term "biggest loser" style challenge the solution (remember the goal is long-term change).

To build a healthier company culture starts from the top. It starts with the company leaders integrating health and wellness into their companies overall vision and purpose.

Building a healthier company culture starts by building a solid foundation and educating everyone on the key principles and habits that lead to a healthier lifestyle—and that's where we come in.

With our guidance, we'll build a healthier company by strategically implementing various actionable strategies that will lead to better overall health. The core mission of our consulting program is to make your company healthier—physically, emotionally, and mentally. By making your company healthier, you're improving the well-being of each individual and thus improving your companies bottom line.


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Tailored Trainings (60–180 minutes)

Actionable Advice With Zero Fluff

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These workshops are engaging, includes superhero references (hey...I'm a nerd), full of valuable insights backed by research, tailored for your group based on our initial conversations, and most importantly—full of actionable advice that can be immediately implemented into your daily life. These in-person workshops can be followed by group and/or individual health & wellness consultations. Here are some of my more popular topics:

1. Sleep Your Way to Success: How Sleep Affects Your Performance, Creativity, & Well-Being, Ways to Immediately Improve Your Sleep, Double Your Energy Levels, Leverage Technology to Your Benefit, and Set Yourself Up For A Day of Success Tomorrow (and Beyond)

You most likely know that sleep is important. Yet, the average adult is sleeping 1.5 hours less than the average adult did 100 years ago. But, 100 years ago, we didn’t have the internet, bright lights around every corner & screen, nor demanding work & social environments. These aren’t going anywhere and life isn’t going to slow down to let you sleep.

In this workshop, you’ll be provided with tips and tools backed by science to help you get quality sleep in an environment filled with distractions and stress. You’ll learn why you sleep, why it should be the centerpiece of your life, how it affects your professional and personal life along with routines to help you burn fat while supercharging your brain. This workshop will help you achieve sustained high-performance while improving your well-being.

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2. Eat Your Way to Success: Discover How Food Affects Your Performance & Well-Being, Implement Effective Strategies to Stop "Dieting" While Making Healthy Eating Simple Again, and Set Yourself Up For A Healthy Lifestyle Tomorrow (and Beyond)

Good food nourishes your body and powers your mind which equates to a smarter, productive, and healthier individual. In this workshop, you’ll be provided with a model that not only will optimize your health, but one that will also optimize your performance. You’ll learn how to take care of your healthy eating lifestyle instead of becoming a servant to it.

In this workshop, you’ll learn some common nutritional myths, foods that help you perform better across the board, and ways to make healthy eating less complicated.

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 3. From Zero to Peak Performer: Train Your Body & Mind for Peak Performance, Develop Routines That Boost Your Energy Levels & Productivity, and Implement Strategies to Live a Healthy & Thriving Lifestyle

Complexity doesn’t equate to being better. And there isn’t a one-size fits all strategy to living a healthy lifestyle and improving your performance. In this workshop, you’ll learn strategies to 10x your energy along with learning how to efficiently and effectively construct a high-performing body and mind that allows you to live a life by design, not default.

Also in this workshop, you’ll learn the many reasons why activity matters and which types of activity to use to help boost your performance and many other benefits.

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 4. The Fit Entrepreneur Mindset: How to Rewire Your Brain Against Stress, Achieve A Peak Performing Mentality, Create Winning Habits & Behaviors, and Use Fitness As Your Impetus to Growth & Expansion In All Facets of Your Life

An entrepreneurial mindset isn't just limited to CEO's and founders of startups. In fact, every ambitious professional who wants to make an impact and obtain optimal health would benefit from this mindset. With that said, it's your habits and mindset that serves as your catalyst or your anchor to becoming the best version of yourself.

While the entrepreneurial mindset is important, the only way to reach your potential is to treat your health as an investment, not an expense. Think of your health as the head of an octopus and the other facets of your life as the tentacles. Without the head operating in its peak form, the tentacles won't reach their potential.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the key steps to transforming from a "survivor & merely existing mindset" to adopting a "thriving & fit entrepreneurial mindset" that will unlock the best version of yourself in all facets of your life.

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