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What's Simple Weight Loss?
It's a 4 part step-by-step mini course that helps you develop a system to accomplish your fitness goals, reduce overwhelm, and ultimately help you lose weight and tone up. This course has 3 main pillars:
No deprivation. No guilt. No obsessive calorie counting. Just proven tips & strategies to help you eat healthier (without unnecessary stress).
Making fitness fit into your specific lifestyle is the toughest challenge. Sleep, setting realistic goals, & mindet are the hidden factors to success.
Working Out
No gimmicky workouts or ball-busting workouts are necessary. Just proven & intelligent approaches to consistently exercising. 
Who Am I? 
Julian Hayes II 
Author, Health & Wellness Consultant, nutrition coach, and sleep science coach helps busy entrepreneurs transform their mind and body through health & wellness, which serves as their impetus for growth and expansion in all other facets of their life. You can catch some of my work in  Inc., Entrepreneur, Success, Fox News,, MindBodyGreen, and The Huffington Post to name a few along with making television appearances in Nashville. 
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